Friday, August 30, 2013

Bridge Goes Electronic

Our director at bridge yesterday introduced us to electronic score keepers. I get excited about anything technological these days. My mind is always boggled by what computers can do. I really can't figure it out.

Anyway, my bridge partner, Joan, who plays north to my south, is the scorekeeper. We used to trade off once in awhile, but about 5 years ago, I forgot to record a score and screwed everything up---not just for us, but for the whole group. Since then, she's not taking any chances. She doesn't "let" me keep score---ever.

Once the electronic gadget was put on the table, I figured that would change. My partner is "old" and she admits that she wants to have nothing to do with technology. She has no clue as to how to use a computer and doesn't care to learn. In fact, her cell phone is from the "olden days"---mid 1990's. The phone itself is humongous and heavy. She gets frustrated every time she tries to use it. It rings during bridge---which is a huge "no no." She doesn't know how to put it on silent. I usually do it for her.

I was itching to get my hands on that scorekeeper. Surely Joan would acknowledge that this was MY department. But no, she started messing with it. I was getting a little edgy as I thought she might be messing it up. I couldn't see a thing from across the table. As I asked her if she wanted me to "do it," she said "no, I've got it." Really, I had to hold my hands in my lap to keep from reaching across the table and grabbing it from her.

Now it's time to begin the first round. The scorekeeper has to enter the names and ACBL bridge numbers of each player. Duplicate bridge players "have to" join the ACBL every year. Anyway, we start to bid the first hand. At the end of the bidding, Joan has to enter the bid in the machine. I ask her again if she would like me to do it. I reminded her that she has to enter the opening lead. She snapped at me, "I know, Barbara." It was clear she didn't want my help. Turns out, she didn't need it either. Apparently, at the Vanderbilt Bridge Club---where she plays often, they have already been using the electronic scorer. I was able to relax and let her handle it. Still, I would have liked to see how it operates!
It's larger than a calculator. The old score sheets were paper. They were called "travelers" and tucked in to each "board." You can see the boards with the cards in them above the scorer. They travel around the room, hence the name. Now I sort of wish I had some "for old times sake" and my scrapbook! Just like that, something is gone that I had no idea would become important to me.

Anyway, the beauty of the electronic scorer is that you can see right away how you are doing compared to everyone else. Then the information is emailed out to us---for those of us that use the computer! You get to see how everyone played the hand. I love that! I spent about a half hour last night analyzing my play. BTW, we came in third---and it was a big game---9 tables.

I'm comfortable now with Joan handling the scoring. She knows what she's doing. But I hope that maybe, just once she would let me. It's hard to believe that one tiny mistake (okay, huge) would lead to never getting a second chance!!

And now, for your enjoyment, I saw this on one of the blogs I follow: All Things Thrifty ( So funny---man cold.

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  1. lol!! she's definately not taking any chances with you!! This is a trip down memory lane for me..i used to go with my grandad to watch him play bridge on a sunday afternoon x


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