Wednesday, August 7, 2013

School Shoe Shopping

Every year, I take all the grandkids school shoe shopping. It's been a tradition since they started. I guess  this is about year number 15. Anyway, due to work schedules and a doctor appointment, we didn't exactly get to shop together this time.

We started the day with "make your own pancakes" at the Pfunky Griddle.
The Pfunky Griddle is in an old house that has been converted to a restaurant. It's an unusual place.
Each table has a griddle in the middle. You choose whatever you want to eat from eggs, to pancakes, French toast or grilled sandwiches. We've never gone for lunch. We always get pancakes. Then they have a wide assortment of toppings. Everyone gets their own spatula or---as we like to call them---pancake turners. I don't know if the trees started growing in the house so they decided to just "go" with it, or if they purposely put them there. They don't have any real leaves, but it's still a sort of fun atmosphere.

After breakfast, Sandy took Mitchell, Victoria and Elizabeth in to Green Hills to buy their shoes. I took Morgan to Parker Uniform where she got her "senior" saddles and yellow cardigan that only seniors are allowed to wear. After that, we parted as she went home to get ready for work while I went on to the doctor's.

Sandy and I got home about the same time. It was a successful trip:
The schools require Sperry's or Tom's. Elizabeth got the gold glittery Sperry's with pink sides. I'm thinking I might need those for myself! Then she got a pair of pink Converse.
 I guess there's a time in every girl's life that she wants a pair of boys shoes. At least they are pink.
 Victoria got silvery Sperrys. They are really cute too---with glittery sides.

Mitchell has just wake up from a nap when we had "show and tell" and wasn't camera ready. So here are his Sperry's---suede. His shoes are as big as the box!

We girls played "fan tan" for pennies. After I won the first game and was being a little too zealous for winning 10 pennies, Elizabeth said, "Grammy, this is the game you play to GET RID OF YOUR PENNIES!" Took the wind right out of my sails!! I ended up winning 14 cents after the game was over. A far cry from my last poker night winnings of $30.00!

Tonight, Greg arrives. Tomorrow night, my niece, Jackie arrives with her husband, Greg. Elizabeth asked how we were going to tell them apart. I said, "well, we could call them "big" Greg and "little" Greg."

She said, "hmm, I think I'll just call mine "DAD!"

Do you think she set me up? She's one smart little cookie for almost 8.


  1. Looks like some fun shoes for back to school! I had some converse high tops once - in yellow, of course! :>)

  2. I've never had a pair of converse - although Ewok has just bought a pair. I've also never heard of a school giving a brand of shoe, here it is just 'black leather' or similar.

  3. That's a great tradition....i wish my parents had thought to start I dislike school shoe shopping so much!! We would definitely love the pancake house and it does sound like you have a smart 8 year old on your hands :) enjoy the rest of your week x

  4. What a fun tradition to shop for school shoes with your grandkids! And I have always wanted a pair of pink converse sneakers...that might have to happen for me soon!

  5. We have a school shoe trip every august too, but school shoes here really mean school shoes! Think black leather lace ups with a photo in the "uniform regulations" handbook to show you how high the heel can be!

  6. Pancakes and shoe shopping sounds like a nice day out - though I was taken aback to hear how prescriptive the list of shoes was. Here, it is more along the lines of black/ brown lace-ios, no heels!

  7. So much more fun than our school shoe shopping. Horrible black leather lace ups with NO heel. Ugly and horrible and have to be polished every week. I really miss US shoe prices though, I'm running out of shoes as they are slowly wearing out and not in the budget to be replaced.


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