Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Scrapbook Layouts

So I got very little done on my retreat--amidst helping people, problem solving and answering questions. Doesn't matter to me---there's nothing I like better than talking scrapbooking even if it limits my productivity.
 A little misting and masking on this "Summertime" layout.
 This was my layout for "A Year of Memories." The assignment I gave the group was to tell 8 lessons you learned from your mother.
 Unfortunately, I used some really old Heidi Swapp acrylic letters. In person, you can read the titles, but in a photograph, it is really hard. The left side is "cooler Queen." The right side is "Relaxing bath."
 Back in January, my friend, Sian "from high in the sky" allowed me to tell my scrapbooking story. I'm finally getting around to scrapbooking my story. I used a picture of Sian, and thank you note that I got from another UK friend, Jacky for a swap I participated in. I included the stamp and post mark from the envelope. I also made a list of "10 Reasons I Should Have Been Born British"---only to find that I repeated one accidentally. We'll see if anyone ever notices. They are: 1. The Royal Family: Prince William, Princess Kate and Prince George, 2. The Beatles, 3. Twinings Tea, 4. The theater, 5. The accent, 6. Blog friends, 7. The gardens, 8. Agatha Christie, 9. The accent, 10. DOWNTON ABBEY!
Need I say more?
Prior to my class, someone asked me if I planned to teach them how to make masks or stencils. I hadn't planned on it, but decided to give them a couple of examples. I took a piece of cardstock that I didn't think I would ever use (actually, it came from either Jeanne or Janet) and cut out some stars on my Cricut. You can use any die-cut machine. I also cut a border of grass to show.
I used the mask to make an accent for this page. I just sprayed the other side with both colors. I used Heidi Swapps Color Shine.
Here is the finished layout. The take-away here is to keep the negatives from your die cuts and use them as masks. Such a simple concept and a great way to extend your scrapbook supplies. About the page: left side: "Sister's weekend" about our weekend every year in July. The right page is titled  "walking tickets." A few years ago, 2 of my friends and I were walking on Belle Meade Blvd. (where the rich people live). We were cut off by a police car and given 3 tickets each!!! I was looking around to see if it was some sort of joke or "Candid Camera." It wasn't. We got tickets for: 1. Walking on the wrong side of the road, 2. Walking three abreast, and 3. Failing to yield---apparently, when walking, you are supposed to stop at each drive way to make sure no car is backing out. We went to court. After much laughing from the audience, the judge threw the tickets out and we were not fined after all. I was glad that we didn't have to pay for being "stupid."
I sprayed the slick chipboard star and let the mist bead up. It dried in to a mottled effect. I also sprayed the bright orange chipboard alphabet with the teal mist to help tone down the orange.

I did a couple more layouts, but I guess I forgot to photograph them. Maybe next time.


  1. Oh, what a surprise! There I am on your page :) If you are wanting to go really British, you need to say "theatre" instead of "theater" :)

  2. I noticed the theatre too :) That metre, centre and ooooh there is another one catch me every time. TV Programmes too :lol:

    You were busy - I do like misting, slowly getting into it - just have so much clearing and prep to do here, hopefully better at the next house!

  3. Great layouts & how fun that you scrapped your scrapbook story! (Isn't Sian the greatest for getting us to tell our stories!) I especially like the misting and masking on your fist layout - I may try that today as I have a friend coming over to scrap the day away.


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