Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I have no idea what I did, but somehow, the pictures made it to my computer---well, except the ones I took today. We'll see if they magically appear. This iCloud completely mystifies me.
The craft fair that we went to on Saturday was in old town St.Charles. This is a statue of Lewis and Clark along with their dog, seaman, who used to be on a ship.
I bought this plant stake. It's pretty neat---you just thread your clay pots on it, fill with dirt and plant.
This one they had filled with herbs. It's a great way to contain things like mint or oregano.
What a coincidence that I would see and photograph these at the fair. Just today on one of the blogs I follow (can't remember which one) they showed the exact same thing---old keys, decorated with buttons and baubles. I'm going to be making some for sure. I think they would make fun Christmas ornaments.
I spent a little time at Michaels. They had a great sale going on---everything on clearance was an additional 50% off. I picked up a few journaling things and a pack of washi tape---as if I needed any more. But whatever was on this display for a penny must have been good---there wasn't a single thing left.
Jeanne's front garden is very welcoming. She has a nice variety of textures and colors.
 I got to meet this little cutie at the Cheesecake Factory. I met the Eads girls there for lunch. This is Brynn, Marci's baby.
 She was really good in the restaurant. Not a peep out of her.
I couldn't resist these adorable little jelly shoes. Her little feet are so cute.

More to come...


  1. what an adorable little girl

  2. What a beautiful baby!

    I do wish we had Michaels here: the discounts make everything so much more affordable

  3. Yeah for photos appearing. I have a friend who has one of those plant stakes, they're in Arizona so her husband ran a drip hose along the stake. She just has to water the top and it trickles down. Clever idea and so fun to see :)

  4. ooh I like the look of those keys - sounds like you had a good week x

  5. Great photos - I like that plant stake and wish I could have gotten some of those 1 cent items! :>)


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