Monday, August 26, 2013

First Day of School, continued...

I've always taken first day of school pictures. When Jordan and Morgan lived with us---they were 2 & 3 when they moved in---I started the tradition of having pancakes on the first day of school. Steph used to bring them over here on the first day so we could get the pictures. They're all grown up now. I miss them coming here and the breakfast together.
 Morgan is in the middle. They are "big, bad" seniors this year---as signified by the yellow sweaters and saddle shoes. 
 They make a huge deal of hunting for just the right ribbon for their ties. Morgan's are the chevron ones at the top center. She's the one who took this picture. She wants to be a professional photographer. She really has a talent already for finding the most interesting things to focus in on.
 Jordan had to take a "selfie" of herself on her first day of school---at college. She said it rains all the time, so she's wearing her rain coat and zebra boats. Her dorm room is done in zebra print. Did I ever mention that she LOVES animals?
And did I ever mention that you might think she's 10 years old? She had to bring her "squinchies" to school with her. I mean, they are adorable and all, but who would have even thought to take them? That's Jordan. I talked to her this morning after one of her classes. She's doing fine and meeting a lot of new people. She said that she can't remember any names. I told her that she'll learn them. She's coming home on Friday for Labor Day weekend. I'm looking forward to seeing her and hearing all about her first two weeks.
Not exactly the first day of school, but it is the first Titan's game that Butch and Mindy have gone to this year. I was on my scrapbook retreat. Mindy texted me that her dad was in kind of a bad mood because of the traffic (he always gets like that about traffic). She said she was afraid to ask him to buy chicken tenders. I laughed---he'll buy her anything!
And even thought it's not pancakes on the first day of school, Mindy posted this on Facebook with the caption: "Nothing says 'professional business woman's breakfast' like Cinnamon Toast Crunch!" That's about right!

I'll be posting layouts on the AYM blog---here.


  1. You have some great photos there. I am sure you will treasure that top one with all those lovely girls bunched up together, and the shoe one is remarkable - what an eye!

  2. Love the top couple of photos - great eye for colour and the shoe laces made me smile. What a fun tradition. I've told Princess I'm looking forward to the first day of school photos and she sighed but agreed :)

  3. I called TSO over to admire the photo of the shoes: she loves them..they couldn't be further from her plain black lace ups!

  4. These are fantastic first day photos! The circle of shoes is wonderful - I took one like that of us hiking this summer & can't wait to print it for a layout.


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