Saturday, August 24, 2013

First Day of School

I'm blogging from my scrapbook retreat now and will fill you in on that when I return home. But for now, here are the "first day of school" pictures that Sandy sent me.
 You've heard me talk about how tall Mitchell is----well, he hasn't been to the doctor's for his yearly visit yet, but I'm a betting woman. I'm sayin' 6'4". We'll see.
 E's back pack is bigger than she is! Check out the new Sperry's. I never did go see about getting me those sparkly ones.

 Victoria started the day after Mitchell and Elizabeth, so technically this was their second day of school picture. E's wearing her new pink Converse. V's got on her new Sperry's.
I really like that their school uniforms are so casual. No stuffy blazers or ties. V is riding the bus this year to Elizabeth's school so Sandy can get by with one stop there. Mitchell will mostly be driving himself. I'm anxious to see if he got a parking spot or will have to continue to leave at the "crack of dawn" for one of the limited "free" spots.

I hope Stephanie didn't forget to take Morgan's first day of school picture. Jordan would have had to take a "selfie." She texted me that her first couple of classes have been okay. She's made a few friends and seems to be doing fine away from home. I'll see her next Friday night at happy hour. I'm really looking forward to catching up with her.

Next up---scrapbook retreat photos and layouts.


  1. They look very smart!

    Thank you for sharing and reminding me I need to take photos of Princess when we drop her off at Uni but also to get her to take a photo of herself!

  2. He's as tall as the door!

    We have wool blazers here, but then we need them to keep warm in

  3. Hope you enjoyed your scrapping this weekend! Great first-day-of-school photos!


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