Friday, August 23, 2013

More Pictures

Driving through Jeanne's neighborhood, I saw these garage doors. I just love them. They remind me of carriage doors. When I need new ones, I'm getting this type. I've never replaced garage doors before. Something tells me that it would be too expensive to do it on a whim. But, when I got to my cousin, Chrissy's, this is what I found:
Yep, she changed hers on a whim. I should have asked her how much it cost.
She took me on a tour of her garden. It was getting pretty dark, but the pictures still turned out okay.
The elephant ears in the pot go from year-to-year. She just pulls (and I DO mean pull) the pot in to the garage for the winter. Of course, the foliage dies off, but sprouts anew in the spring.
Judy and Chrissy---my favorite cousins---they are sisters.
Chrissy surprised me with a darling little frame. I'll be putting this picture in it.
I tried to get a close-up of a frog---it's little---about an inch and a half. She says she has them all over. I've never seen a single one at my house.
I got to see Angie and Brian's new house on Sunday. I can't believe I didn't take a picture of them, but I got plenty of cute little Travis.
He's 15 months old and a pro at kicking a ball---already---and he's really good at it. I think he's destined to be a soccer star!

He's also a bit of a show-off! There's something about babies---they keep us so entertained. We just sit around and stare at them! 

More later...


  1. Lovely pictures. This old House had exactly those garage doors that they were putting onto the project they were doing on our TV this week. I used to love watching TOH when we first had cable TV. It was Bob Vila then. Norm Abram is still on it and Tommy the contractor. Goodness it must be 20 years of that programme, no wonder Norm looks old LOL

  2. ooooh I'm with Ladkyis - we used to watch The Old House before we had kids :hmm definitely more than 20 years then.

    Just saw on another blog someone had added the hardware but kept the standard garage door - so she had the look but not the replacement hassle :)

  3. Great photos! I like those garage doors, too, but definitely won't be changing ours out on a whim! LOL


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