Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mysterious Finds

When you've been out-of-town, you just never know what you are going to come home to. I have a couple of mysteries---well, one of them has been solved.
I found this cake in the refrigerator. That tells me that someone had a party here. The worst of it is that they had a party without me!!
Considering the mystery of the turtle's appearance and disappearance in the pond, I figured someone is really "messing" with me. This cute and colorful turtle is on the refrigerator.
Upon photographing it, I looked a little closer and saw "Santa Rosa Beach" printed on it. Then I knew where it came from, but still was surprised. Butch was down there last week. I couldn't believe he would buy something like this---a bit out of character for him. Then I hit upon the only way he would have done it---he found it at the dollar store. I asked him about it tonight and he said he actually found it in the condo, but it was missing the magnet, so he brought it home. Well, it's cute enough that I think it will stay here.

It's going to be a busy weekend as we get ready to get out-of-town again. It's fun being retired and being able to pick up and go any time, but it sure makes for a crazy life!


  1. Well they had a party and then left you some cake :)

  2. What fun surprises to find on coming home.

  3. I bet the party wasn't quite the same without you

  4. The cake was for me...& I'm upset I didn't bring the leftovers home! I hope you & dad ate it up!

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