Wednesday, September 14, 2022

What I Buy Wednesday!

So, I'm writing this post on Wednesday. I have no idea what day it will be when you are reading it!

Today Butch arranged for a private tour. We went to a couple museums and a live snake exhibit.
He's quite the charmer--isn't he? Butch, not the snake.
This girl is in her element! She's holding a chameleon and a snake. No way did I want that thing in my hair! 

Jordan has always loved every type of animal. I cannot believe how much she knows. The first part of the museum was stuffed animals, and bones of extinct ones. I was blown away about her knowledge of bones--animal and human. I guess I shouldn't be. After all, she does have a degree in Anthropology! I remember her telling me that one of her most interesting classes was about teeth! I'm pretty sure our tour guide was impressed too. I don't think he sees too many people that know what they are looking at!

Next, we went to a railroad museum. I thought of our friend, Jack who loves trains. He would have loved it. Us, well, all I could think of was Mindy. She said she taps out of tours at about the one hour mark. The problem here for me was that the guide was so soft spoken, that I couldn't hear her--plus with the accent, I had a hard time understanding her. They did have many rail cars on display outside--all open to the elements and deteriorating badly. One of them was the one they used in the "Out of Africa" movie. I love that movie---the score is so soothing and haunting. I play it in my scrapbook room fairly frequently. Besides, it's Robert Redford and Meryl Streep. Add the music and there's nothing better. 

Then we went to the top of some really tall building--The Kenya International Conference Center. It used to be the tallest building, but there are now two others that are taller. We took the elevator to the 27th floor and then walked the other 3 to the top. Along with us there were dozens of school kids. I got quite a few stares. Then--I guess it was a teacher--the kids wanted to take a picture with me. At first it was one, then a couple and then this!
Apparently, they liked my blonde hair! Several said so! They asked me so many questions, but I didn't always understand what they were asking. They started calling me "grandma" and then Butch, "grandpa!" It made my day! It reminded me of the time I was in the Tokyo airport. It was such an unusual experience. I felt so tall! And all the little kids stared at me! Hey, if I can make little kids happy, I'll keep my blonde hair! I value this picture as "priceless!" 

Okay, on to my "buy" for this week--or I should say, so far this week! After the top of the KICC, our guide took us to the market---and of course to his favorite shop. It was all hard sell from there.
I try not to buy much as I don't need anything and I'm trying to get rid of stuff. But I couldn't resist these. I'm going to use the hand woven mat on my coffee table. The Africa keychain is made out of camel bone--carved and shined. I'm thinking I might put that in my scrapbook--or actually on my keychain. The pink earrings are hand-beaded. I don't necessarily need another pair of earrings, but I do need a pink pair! I did the expected bargaining and got a good one. But I'm over the hard sell!

Tomorrow our tour actually begins. Can't wait to see lots of animals! We specifically came at this time of year because it's the "great migration." I'm excited!


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  1. What a great experience this is! Fingers crossed there are lots of animal sightings on the safari - have fun!


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