Thursday, September 8, 2022

Five Things Thursday

1. This past weekend, Butch and I spent quite a bit of time on Sandy and Greg's porch. They have a ceiling fan, tv and fireplace (although we didn't use that). She has it decorated beautifully. It's a comfortable place to be. One morning, Justin was sitting out there with us. I had noticed this butterfly flitting about. He went outside to snap this picture.
Isn't it beautiful? It's an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail. The wingspan is about 4 inches. I don't even bother trying to get pictures of things like this because they always move! I don't know how Justin did it--so perfect! I love the combination of the yellow with the slight blue. So pretty.

2. Morgan sent me this picture of a collage she made about her engagement.
I don't think the girl realizes it--she's a scrapbooker! I love that!

3. Ugh! I would absolutely die!
I have no idea where this is, but it's something you would imagine seeing in the Amazon. I can't believe that snakes can get this big. It totally creeps me out!

4. My friend, Diane, is tooling around London--just a couple of hours from their home in Nottingham. She had to send me this picture of her waving to me from one of my most favorite spots--Twinings Tea. 
This is the original location from 1706 and is the oldest tea shop in London. I have to visit whenever I'm there! Honestly, my heart starts pumping whenever I see it! You would be surprised at how narrow it is inside--maybe 6ft. wide. It smells so good too. I always come away with a good supply.

5. Speaking of tea...
...Diane sent me this picture of a local tea delivery service. It's called Rington's. Of course, I had to find out more. A little internet search provided me with the whole story. Samuel Smith started the business in 1907 using a horse and buggy. It's been a family business continually through the years. They have 220,000 customer throughout the UK and it's still delivered to your door. If you aren't home--no problem. They'll "leave your order and you can call and pay over the phone at a later date!" Seriously? What service! 

Rington's delivery reminds me of the Jewel Tea man here--years ago. I don't know how often he came by the house, but I remember him. Sooo, I did what I do best. A little more research. Jewel Tea started in Chicago in 1899. The company went out of business in 1981. 

Just for the heck of it--and because I love the idea of having tea delivered to my door, I'm going to check out Rington's. I know they ship to the US. If I do it, I'll be sharing it as one of my "What I Buy Wednesday" posts!

Diane, thanks so much for always sending me such fun and unusual things. I have learned so much from you!

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  1. I've never heard of a tea delivery company! It sounds like they offer a very good, old fashioned service.


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