Sunday, September 4, 2022

This Girl!

Let's get to know her!
Elizabeth is the baby of our family (I don't count dogs)! She has just started her senior year of high school at Blessed Trinity here in Atlanta. She has good news that is going to make her senior year a breeze. She's been accepted in to 

This girl has known what she wanted to do with her life since she was 4 years old. The story of her being frustrated with her mom--who didn't wear makeup when she picked her up from pre-school--has passed in to family lore! From that day forward she has been laser focused! There's definitely a sense of relief in knowing what you want to do with your life--that's for sure. 

Now I'm going to give you a little glimpse in to this girl's world. Let's start with her room.
I figured this was a good time to take pictures as it's neat because she has to give it up for Mindy and Justin this weekend. We're all here for some family fun. So, at a glance, it looks pretty good. She has a nice big room. But the reality is, it's the room of a teenager! (Chrissy, I can hear what you are thinking!)

Okay, let's get to it--the "nitty gritty--down and dirty!"
This is her makeup table. If you look close you can see us in the mirror. It looks quite chaotic, doesn't it? Well, not so!
This is what I refer to as "organized chaos." I actually taught a class called "organized chaos" back in my organizing days. Apparently, Elizabeth inherited the principles! Take the cart--for instance:
From the top down: eye shadow; hair products; nails. All things together that go together. Who cares if they are perfectly neat? It's more about being able to put your hands on anything quickly without having to search.
The top is lipstick.
She has lights that change color for a mystic glow. 
The bedside lamp changes color too.
She assured me that she did not drink the wine in those Paul Mitchell wine bottles!

I have never seen this before--didn't even know there was such a thing.
It's a make-up refrigerator.
I'm not really sure what she stores in there. But, I'm sure that it feels cool and refreshing!
Her picture wall.
Even her toilet has changing lights.
With this you don't need night lights.
Bath bombs in a giant cocktail glass.

Now for a couple things that make me happy.
This is her very first needlepoint project She stitched this when she was 8. She hasn't really made anything since. But she will--someday...
This didn't photograph well in the dim, colored light of her room. This is an abstract, pastel--baby colored with white frame needlepoint project that I made for Sandy's nursery when she was expecting her first--Mitchell. Then along came Victoria and finally Elizabeth. When they moved to Charlotte, Victoria and Elizabeth fought over who was going to get it for their room. Elizabeth won and has had it ever since. It thrills me that she values it! 
Here we are, Elizabeth and Grammy with Titan stealing center stage!

I love this little (okay, not so little anymore) "girlie" so much. We are so happy that she's thrilled to be on her way to "adulting!"

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