Sunday, September 18, 2022

No Time and .....

...lousy internet in "the bush!" I really don't like being "unplugged!" 

Just a few pictures as we are heading to Tanzania this morning. I have no idea when I'll get to post next!

In no particular order because, well, I just don't have the time!
This mama and baby were just walking alongside a busy road. They weren't the only ones, but I loved this picture because of the baby riding! We've become enthralled with all the babies we've seen. Morgan is in love with the baby wart hogs! They are cute--and so fast. We found out that they are stupid animals and lose their thought every 45 seconds.
So many animals---up close and personal! They are everywhere. I guess that's why people want to come to Africa. We even saw a leopard which is pretty rare. Our guides said it's been three months since they've seen one. I'll have to find some pictures. Needless to say, without good internet, I am unable to keep my photos organized. That's one of the things I do while traveling--edit and organize photos every night!
We thought it was going to be hot and planned for that. Although it's very pleasant for us, everyone here is wearing winter coats---seriously---winter coats. Mostly we're just in our shirt sleeves. In the morning we're using pashminas or light jackets and that's enough. We had a tour guide yesterday at the Karin Blixen House (she wrote Out of Africa)--who had on jeans, boots and a leather jacket--all zipped up! We were roasting in the sun but she seemed as cool as a cucumber!
I posted a picture like this on Facebook with Butch holding the snake. I had no desire. No. Desire!
Grandpa with Jordan and Morgan. It's hard to tell, but that pink line in the background is all flamingos. Watching them take off was amazing!
First thing at our orientation meeting they gave us "stuff"--as I like to call it. The girls called it "swag!" Those African blankets are so nice---and sold everywhere. They are compact, but so warm--in fact all the people here wear them--just another hot item of clothing. Had we known they were giving us safari hats, we wouldn't have bought our own! They fill our water bottles with fresh water whenever we need it. We aren't supposed to drink the water or--as my travel doctor said--get a single drop in our mouths. Have you ever tried brushing your teeth using a water bottle? Kind of tricky and a waste of water! The packet contains masks--which we haven't had to wear at all--sanitation wipes and hand sanitizer. The flat envelope is a really nice document folder. Hmmm. I just might put it on my scrapbook page!

OMGosh y'all! This happened! I was sitting on our porch doing a little stitching---we only have about an hour of free time after lunch before the next "thing." I saw this "guy" creeping along the ground. I was so excited and grabbed my phone to take a picture, hoping not to scare him off. Instead, he jumped up here right in front of me! Then I saw another one--who jumped up. Then there were two more. Now I jumped up! I thought they might overtake me! I was saying "shoo, shoo!" About that time more than a dozen--including tiny babies--jumped from the tree and skittered off. It was amazing! I was trying to text the rest of the gang, but, of course, no internet, nor would the texts go through. Luckily, everyone got to see them as some were at the pool, some were walking here or there. Such a fun thing to have happened. Jordan came across a little gazelle on the path to her "camp." The girls are in heaven!

I'm sad to be missing the Queen's funeral today. I've missed all the coverage for the past 5 days. Last night, since we were back in Nairobi, I was able to watch--at least until 10:30! Plus I tuned in this morning while I was getting ready. I'm hoping that when I get home I'll be able to pull it up. We'll see.

Forgive any mistakes. No time to edit! More adventures to come...

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  1. I've really enjoyed reading your three posts about your adventures - what a lot of memories you will have! Thank-you for all the interesting detail.


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