Wednesday, September 7, 2022

What I Buy Wednesday

Talk about cutting it close! My new purchase was supposed to have arrived early last week. It kept getting delayed. Considering we were leaving on Thursday, I was a bit nervous that I might get "porch pirated" again with my "big" purchase. Luckily, it came at 9 p.m. on Wednesday night. Whew!

And without further it is:
I splurged on a Cricut Explore Air 2! I was so excited! 

When we got home on Monday, I wanted to get it set up. 
I also wanted to figure out how I could use my Cricut cartridges with it. All of my cartridges were linked to my Gypsy, so I kept getting a message that I couldn't link them. Even though it was Labor Day, I called Customer Service--not expecting to talk to anyone. But, I got a message that they would call me back. So I did that. I didn't really expect a call until Tuesday, so I was surprised when I did get a call back. 

The gal told me that I needed to take pictures of ALL of my cartridges! What?? I have over 100! Butch got them all down for me. It was an arduous task--they were all dusty, plus I had to open each case, remove the cartridge, get them lined up, take the picture and then put them all away. It took about an hour. I sent the pictures. The "gal" called me back to say she couldn't read the cartridge names. Seriously, I followed her instructions which were to put 10 per picture. Surely all she had to do was make the picture bigger. I didn't have any trouble reading them from my end. 

I asked if a list would be better. She said "yes." I don't think she would have accepted that first because she probably needed some sort of proof that I actually owned the cartridges. Luckily for me, I had a list of all my cartridges on my computer already (I'm sort of anal like that), so I didn't have to get them all out again. I sent the list. 

Awhile later, I got an email telling me that they loaded all of them in my Cricut Design Space account. They sent me instructions on how to access them. It's no surprise that it didn't work. Nothing could have been that easy. So, I put another call in to them. I'm determined becasue I want us to have the ability to use this information while on our retreat. 

I'll keep working on it! Still, I'm excited at what this machine can do. Once I get it all squared away, I'll bid a fond farewell to my cartridges and my old machine. 

Stay tuned...

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  1. Oh how fun. Back several years ago, it might have been on the prior version of Design Studio, I was able to sync my Gypsy up to my online account - easy peasy. No need to send them anything. I was told you need to keep the physical cartridges though in case there is ever a question about your account. Apparently many people thought they could skirt the rules and sell the cartridges but then still use them electronically. Once they are linked to a Cricut account you can't use them on another. I did ditch all the cardboard boxes on mine though and just kept the cartridge and the booklet. Now they fit in 2 photo boxes rather than a large Rubbermaid tub. Of course, I don't really use my Cricut that often, except when my sister is here. She loves it, and she's coming soon!!


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