Monday, September 26, 2022

The Things I Learned Part 2

26. I learned that "hotels" are really restaurants--a place to rest and have a meal. There was one that could only have been about 10 ft. by 5 ft. yet had a rather sloppily, "hotel" painted on the side. We were driving so I didn't get a picture. 

27. I learned that "fitness" is just as important in a third-world country as it is to us. We have a workout facility on just about every other block. Here, I saw a crudely painted sign that said: "Fitness Gym"---without a door and you could see that it was the hard dirt floor inside. I couldn't see any equipment. Now that's dedication--if you ask me!

28. I learned that banana trees only have one harvest. Then the tree is cut down. Others crop up in its place. Huge bunches--at least a hundred or more bananas on each stalk--are sold along the road too. They are green because if they let them ripen to yellow, the baboons will get them. That's okay by me. They ripen too fast for my taste. I always try to get the greenest ones.

29. I learned that even though there are thousands of animals--and we were taught the names, I was the one that barely remembered a single one. Okay, I knew zebras and giraffes. And lions.

30. I learned that a rock python (I only know that because Butch reminded me)--the 2nd largest in the world--21 ft. long--can hold two adult humans at a time! Needless to say, we weren't about to leave the safari car. We were lucky to see one on the side of the road--digesting something very large--like it could have been a human. I have never seen anything like that. We were told that it was very rare to witness this as they usually slither off into the underbrush. It was under some bushes, but still visible to us. Unbelievable.

31. I learned that watching lions eat a fresh kill is kind of cool. It was a large wildebeest (I only know that because Butch reminded me). The females do the hunting, but the males eat first. The jackals were gathering around--but not too close, waiting their turn. The circle of life--up close and personal.

32. I learned that Jordan knows so much about animals. She wowed us with her knowledge. In fact, she could have been the guide!! She knew so many details about habitats, habits, numbers, etc. It was amazing. She's always loved animals. Unlike me, she retains what she learns. I only retain something for about a day. Maybe even only and hour. Or make that a half hour. Okay, let's be real, maybe 5 minutes.

33. I learned that Morgan has an "eagle eye!" Picture saying things like: "there's a lion about a mile out!" Or "see those babies under that tree on the left side, 3 branches to the right?" Or "there's a giraffe hidden among those trees!" Really? Of course, I never saw any of it! That girl.

34. I learned that I love a hot water bottle in the bed, fresh flowers and I still love a linen tablecloth. 

35. I learned that linen clothing is the way to go. That was recommended for our safari. I don't necessarily like how baggy the clothing is--making me appear chubbier than I think I am, it is cool clothing. Plus, the slightly rumpled look is expected. Perfect for traveling.

35. I re-learned that I loved being with my family on this contradictory trip. We were out in the wild in the bush and then enveloped in luxury when we got "home!"
Best kind of trip--in my opinion!

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  1. After seeing all your photos, you obviously had a great time. Loved the photo with your big smile when you were surrounded by all the kids. What I have learned is that a safari would be pretty low on my travel destinations list. It is higher on hubby's list, though, so it might yet be in our futures.


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