Wednesday, February 7, 2018

What I Buy Wednesdays

Actually, Butch bought this mascara for me from Kohl's. I read a blog article somewhere about the best mascaras on the market. I don't have many eyelashes left (you may remember that I said they had all fallen and taken root on my chin!). This mascara was highly rated. Butch shops Kohl's, so I knew he'd be all over it! It's $24.00 and worth every cent!
My Stitch Fix box came in. I'm loving this. It's a surprise whenever it comes---like Christmas!
Here's what I got this month. Fashionable clothes at very reasonable prices! Plus you get a 25% discount if you keep everything. I did.
And the shoes! I've liked every pair they've sent. I've only sent one pair back because they were silver sandals and I already had a pair of cute ones.
 I saw this purse in the window while walking the mall last week. I thought it would go good with the shoes, but I didn't buy it. I prefer the crossbody bags now. You know, so I can keep my hands free to catch myself when I fall. Notice I didn't say "if?"
 I did order a pair of white Keds on sale.
These were on sale too and I just couldn't resist.
Who knew? I had no idea that Keds partnered with Kate Spade---my favorite designer. The shoes were the same price as regular Keds (well, the sale price that is).  The polka dots---so Kate Spade!

What did you buy this week?

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