Saturday, February 17, 2018

A MAJOR Snafu...

...with the kitchen reno.

So, I wanted a new refrigerator. We didn't NEED a new refrigerator, I just don't like the one we have. The worst part about that is I threw a little girl, spoiled brat kind of tantrum to get my way about buying it in the first place. I wanted something different as we'd already had two side-by-sides during our married life. This one is only 8 years old and still looks like brand new.
Once we got it, there were things about it that I didn't like right away. 
1. There isn't enough room to store tall things. In order to make space for ketchup bottles, juice. wine and other tall things, you would have to make another shelf so tight that it looks stupid. The door can hold a gallon of milk, a creamer and a bottle of wine--that's it. There are only 3 racks on the door.
2. It has this really cool pull out drawer that we thought we were going to love. Actually, we do love it. But the problem is in the design. It is not user friendly. Everyone has a tendency to pull it out from the top. The door has pulled off so many times that it finally snapped. Butch was able to fix it, but finally put a label on it to pull from the bottom. Aggravating.
3. The freezer isn't big enough. Okay, that wasn't a problem until Easter weekend. That's when I accidentally left the door open of our big freezer in the mud room. Rotted meat, disgusting liquid all over, and the smell---you get the picture! Butch took it apart and cleaned it thoroughly. He even took the door off and carried it out to the driveway and took that apart too. He cleaned everything including the rubber gaskets with bleach. Still, it smelled. We decided that we'd just get rid of it. 

Fast forward, to the new kitchen. We decided to go back to a side-by-side. Since I picked out the last refrigerator, I told Butch he could pick this one. Here it is and so far (less than 24 hours) we love it!
So our plan was to have the old refrigerator moved to the mud room---as we could use more refrigerator space when the gang's all here. We were going to have the freezer hauled off. We've managed to live without it for 9 months. That's when the problems started.

Nicky noted that the refrigerator was much taller than the freezer. There is a shelf above that would have to be removed. It was basically painted in after 35 years. Butch got that out. That's when he realized that the door size of the mud room is smaller than the refrigerator---even if you removed the door AND refrigerator doors. 

Now we have to quickly come up with plan "B". We decided to have the "old" refrigerator moved to the garage and still have the freezer hauled off. When I went to check the freezer, it didn't smell at all---even after being turned off for 9 months! So, I did the only logical thing. I turned it back on to see if that would somehow make the smell return. It didn't. 

So the bottom line is we bought a new refrigerator we didn't really need for the extra freezer space which we really don't need now that the old freezer is working perfectly well and have a perfectly good refrigerator in the garage that will rarely be used and get all disgusting out there just is case one of the girls needs a refrigerator in a couple of years or maybe we'll just go with plan "C" and sell it now and get it over with. Sheesh!

Oh and by the way, I told Butch that we are using our new refrigerator as our guide to when it will be time to move. When it dies, it's time to get out of this big house! This is the LAST refrigerator we intend to buy! 

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