Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Tuesday Thoughts about...

...little purses! I love them! Once I no longer had little kids and didn't need to have assorted things for them (toys, drinks, snack, diapers, wipes) I was happy to go to a smaller purse. Plus, I didn't miss the weight of a big purse. I've been able to reduce what I carry to what I actually use. It has distressed me to have to go back to a bit of a larger purse just because of my Epi pens. I only use crossbody bags now and you know why!! No joke.

When I was in St. Louis, my cousin was carrying this little beauty.
 She manages to carry all of her essentials in this little thing.
 Oh my---I didn't notice that huge wad of cash!
Now that's the way to go.

I'm posting this because Connie has been trying to downsize. Her "downsize" is about the size of what I carry. She's having trouble getting used to it. I realize everyone carries what is important to them. But when you narrow it down, it's not that much---especially if you focus on what you actually use.

Here's what I carry:
It's about 10" square and about 2" wide.
Here are my essentials:
1.A notepad---I always have random thoughts that need to be jotted down. If not, 5 minutes later, I've forgotten.
2. Eyeglass case. I't pretty thick because I carry my glasses and sunglasses in it.
3. Keys. Even though I have that keyless ignition, I still have to have my keys. Actually, I don't really like the keyless "thing." All that means is that when I get home I have to fumble around in my purse trying to find them. When I had to have them for my ignition, they were always in my hand. I don't really see the point.
4. Granted, I carry a really tiny wallet. I have all the essential cards (credit, driver's license, medical, etc.) and money in it. The zippered coin pouch holds more than you would think. Actually it forces me to use coins once in awhile. I don't carry photos---why bother. We all have our phones with us anyway.
5. Pen for notepa--really essential. No sense in having thoughts without a pen! Plus, how many times have I been caught in the grocery store with my list and no pen to cross things off. Can you spell "a-n-n-o-y-i-n-g?"
6. Checkbook. I know. This seems downright archaic. But I need to write checks in exactly two places---my hairdresser and my frame lady. They don't take cards. Plus I still love my "croc" cover.
7. Those are my Epi pens. They're kind of big, but I have to carry them at all times. I just keep them in my purse. There have been a couple times when I realized I didn't have my purse with me. Once on the boat. When I realized it, Butch told me he had put them in the cooler! And I don't carry a purse to the beach. When I was with my sisters, I told Joyce she'd have to be the one to run if I needed them! After that, I put them in my beach bag.
It all fits in quite nicely. I even have room to smuggle in a bottle of water or candy to the movie. Even if they check purses, they don't bother to look under the Epis.

I have a zippered compartment that contains kleenex, Blistex, lipstick, aspirins, hand lotion, perfume pen and Equal. I like the outside pocked because it's easy to slip my phone in and I always know where it is. I have a few purses that don't have the outside pocket. They are okay as they have an inside pocket, but I like the outside one better.

So there you have my thoughts on little purses. What size do you carry?

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  1. I have quite a small handbag (to us Brits, a purse is something you put your money in!) Once the kids were grown up and I could downsize from a changing bag my husband seemed to think that if I had a bigger handbag, I could fit all his things in it too. We'd go out for a meal, I'd have a handbag just the right size for my purse, my glasses, phone and some lipstick and he'd say, 'oh, could you just take my wallet? and my glasses? oh, and my phone' No, no, and no - there's not room! That's why men's jackets have lots of pockets, for all the stuff us women keep in our handbags.


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