Tuesday, December 12, 2017

What's Happenin'!

Apologizing in advance. I have no idea why the font is so tiny. I tried to fix it, but it wouldn't! You'll have to make it bigger on your end!

Thinking: how young people today can do such amazing things with technology. Jordan had to make this video for one of her classes. It took several hours and 100's of photos. I'm so impressed. I hope this video works so you can view it. She got a 100%. It's pretty creative---but then, that's her---artsy and creative!

Thankful for: family and friends at this time of year--well all the time, but especially this time of year!

Cooking: Connie and I are getting together this morning to make mushroom crustades. We haven't made them in years. They are quite involved. Mindy requested them. Doing them with Connie makes it more fun. I'll share the recipe soon.

Wearing: As of right now, I'm still in my robe. I haven't figured out what to wear today. I usually only like to get dressed once. But I think I'll wear "work" clothes until later today when it's time for the ornament exchange at Stephanie's.

Hoping: and praying that my brother makes a painless exit. I visited him this weekend. It's just so sad. He has terminal brain cancer. He's decided not to take any treatment but rather enjoy life as it is now---still pain-free. We all agree with his decision, but it's still so hard. 

Working: Not working quite yet, but just as soon as Christmas is over, we have to empty the kitchen and pantry to get ready for the remodel. It's going to be a job. I'm hiring Morgan and Jordan. They need the money and I need the help! I'm really going to clean out. Anything on those top shelves---goes. I can't reach them and haven't used the stuff up there. Obviously I don't need it! 
 There are a lot of cabinets.
My plan for this desk area is to have cabinets all across the bottom. I wanted to remove the junk collector/mail slots, but they are a permanent part of the cabinetry, so they'll probably have to stay. The cabinets above will all be glass fronts. I'm planning to put shiplap on the wall. I'm gong to paint the whole thing a color to make it appear to be more like a piece of furniture. I have a vision---I just hope it works out that way!

The pantry---oh my gosh---the pantry. It's a huge walk in. Of course, I love the space. But emptying the whole thing out isn't going to be fun---reminiscent of those darn pantry moths!
We're having the floor refinished and everything painted. I'm keeping all the cabinets and pantry white. I just love the clean, crispness of white. When I look at these pictures, I think, "gosh, it doesn't look like it needs painting"---but it definitely does! It's been 12 years! 

It's going to be a big job, but I'm going to love the results! 

Reading: I've recently finished two really good books: Ready Player One (sci-fi taking place in 2045. It is so good---about how interaction amongst humans is almost nil--all via computer---each person has their own avatar. Really good---you will like it even if you don't like sci fi.) 
It's definitely a sign of the times! Sandy said that when she had Elizabeth's party, everyone was on their phones taking pictures and posting. They said it was a great party! Things are definitely different! I'm glad we're a game playing family as that really keeps the interaction alive!

The book I just finished last night is Seeing Red (a suspenseful book with several twists. I really like it when I don't see the twists coming!) I just started The Ladies Room. So far, I'm loving it---highly entertaining.

Needing: to plan out all the food for the upcoming holidays and getting my grocery list together.

Watching: I've been watching the Ken Burns PBS Vietnam series. It's really awesome. If you don't understand what the heck happened during that time, this documentary is for you. I was a teenager and didn't really know much. If we think we're living in a time of unrest, well, it's just as then. Confusing times.

Creating: I'm working on my 3D needlepoint santa. Mostly loving it. I'm having a lot of fun with it. Plus, it's a good excuse to watch tv!

Taking: Or I should say NOT taking---my cholesterol medicine. My doctor said my numbers were so good that she was taking me off of it (for 3 months anyway). I thought once you were on that, you would never get off of it. Officially I do not have any prescription drugs---well, except for my monthly xolair treatment.

Hearing: I have Christmas music playing, but am not paying much attention. Butch and I discussed that we're pretty sick of Christmas music--after 66 years! It's just a hand full of songs done over and over by different artists. 

Appreciating: My morning view.

Dreading: the Christmas "take-down." I always start to dread it as I'm putting it up!

Weekending: We're heading to Charlotte for Christmas with Sandy and family. Jordan and Morgan are going with us. I love that they want to spend their limited, school break time with their cousins. I hope it stays like that when they have families of their own. 

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