Friday, December 15, 2017

Things That Surprise Me

Growing up, I always loved Chicken Gumbo soup. I thought the "gumbo" was what I learned as an adult was the okra. Hey, I grew up in an Italian family. Okra was never heard of nor served! The soup used to be chock full of okra. No more. It surprises me that there was just this one piece in an entire can! BTW, I love actual gumbo, now that I know what it is.
It surprises me that everything seems to be labeled these days. Like---"this product contains no nuts nor was it prepared in a facility that has nuts." Or most recently, I saw another sign that said these diamonds were responsibly sourced. I guess after the movie "Blood Diamonds" the diamond industry had to clean up its act.
 I was surprised and delighted when Jordan said, "look grammy, I'm wearing the earrings that great grandma left me."
They are ivory rosebuds. I hope they were responsibly sourced and no elephants were injured!
 Every year I go to the doctor for my annual physical. There are two sheets full of questions.
I'm always surprised by the questions. At my age, do people suddenly take up smoking, drinking and whoring? Not me.
 There are NO words. None! Not a good surprise.
I wanted to treat Jordan to this wine.  I was surprised by the price--$37.99. Too bad. It's probably really good, but I'm not that much of a connoisseur (are you surprised that I had to look this up for the correct spelling)!

This sign is still on display at The Centennial Club. In this day and age of women's rights and all the hubbub over sexual harassment, it surprises me that all the way back in 1906, women were only good for cleaning and beautification!

Look closely.
Wasps always come in through the chimneys in the fall. They are lethargic, but I never knew they were so stupid! It surprises me that they are fooled by fake flowers!
 It surprises me that even florists use the tape trick to keep flowers in place.

I was surprised by this street sign in Washington, DC. I would love to know which one this street was named after!

This doesn't surprise me at all. It's just the truth.

What's surprising you these days?

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