Saturday, October 21, 2017


Since I have two days while the Victoria and Elizabeth are in school, what can I do? Shop! I decided to get a jump on my Christmas shopping for them. Whatever I can buy now and wrap, will be fewer things I have to carry on the plane in December.

I started my day with Hobby Lobby. I wanted to get a roll of Christmas wrapping paper. They have the best---thick, a lot on the roll and cheap. I picked up a few other Halloween things since I plan to put together a tables cape for them. I'll share that later.

From there, I went to lunch at Smashburger. I had never been to one before. I ordered the "smash" fries which have some unusual spices like rosemary and a few other things. They were pretty good. The burger was really good, but it was one of those that you "wore" the rest of the day. I washed my hands and then tried the cart wipes at Target. It wasn't until I did dishes after dinner that I was able to rid myself of the smell.

I browsed a few other stores, but wasn't having much luck. When I went to Target, I made some good finds. While browsing the make-up aisle, I saw some false eyelashes. Now, whether it's due to age or medications, I have very little hair. I joke that I only have to shave once at the beginning of the swim season. And that's all I do. Once. That takes me through the fall, then one more shave for winter. I'll be good to go until next spring.

Anyway, I don't have much in the way of eyelashes. I've been using some sort of eyeliner that is supposed to promote eyelash growth. I haven't noticed an improvement at all. So, I started to think about going the false eyelash route. I started reading the packaging, but it didn't answer my questions.
1. Can you re-use them?
2. Won't the glue pull out what few lashes I have left when I take them off?
3. Do you put mascara on them?
4. What happens if you get the glue in your eye?
In the end, I passed them up. I felt completely out of my element. Maybe fake lashes aren't for me.

I just love Target. In fact, working there was one of my very first jobs---about 50 years ago---when you actually had to take a math test to get hired and new able to count out change! But, today,  when I was checking out, I went to my Target app to see if I had any "cartwheel" deals. The cashier informs me that I have to scan EACH barcode to see if there's a sale or special on each individual item. If so, then I have to "save" it to a list, that has a barcode of its own to be scanned at check-out. I was like---"What?? Seriously, Target expects the customer to find the sales and deals and then do something to actually get them? That's ludicrous!" Of course she apologized. I said I realized it wasn't her fault, but inconveniencing the customer is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of. I told her that I was going to go online and file a complaint with Target. I'm doing that right after I finish this.

My next post will be about my shopping finds!

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