Wednesday, October 18, 2017


It's been awhile since I've shared any aggravations. I guess you could say that not much has been bothering me. That can't be right. Stuff always bugs me. I just don't always remember to jot them down. Here's what bugging me lately:

1. I made an appointment with the Ashbusters people to have our chimney cleaned. I  chose the time slot of 8:30-9:30. When I requested that "she" make a note to try to be there by 8:30, she said, "Oh, we couldn't possible get there before 9. He's coming all the way from Smyrna!" To which, I replied, "then why do you say the window is 8:30 to 9:30? It should be 9-10." She replied---I kid you not---"Well, our first time frame is 8:30 to 9:30." I started to argue that it made no sense. Finally I just said, "okay, never mind. We'll have to schedule a different day." Sheesh!

2. I continually get junk calls. When they are actually people, they just start rattling their spiel. They don't stop or take a breath so you can get a word in. When I try to interrupt to let them know that I'm not interested, they just keep talking. I have no choice but to just hang up. How is this an effective way to market? There must be some people falling for it or they wouldn't still be doing it.

3. People always running late. Don't even get me started on that again. It's just so disrespectful!

4. Sometimes when we arrive at bridge, there is soft music playing in the background. It's nice. I love music. Invariably, someone will complain that the music is too distracting, so they turn it off. I guess they never grew up in a large family. You learn to block out the noise. If not, you wouldn't be able to read, do homework or concentrate on anything. I can remember when I was reading, I didn't hear anything. My siblings would say, "Barbara, you are so lazy, you won't even answer the phone!" Actually, I never heard it! That's the truth.

5. Recently on a short flight on my way to the beach, there were two dogs on board. I really don't get that. What about people with pet allergies? Anyway, on this particular flight, one of the dogs started barking. After a while, I leaned over to my friends across the aisle and said, "someone give that dog a piece of gum to clear his ears!" Thank goodness it was only a 45 minute flight! I can't imagine a longer one with a yappy dog along.

6. Fake News! If I hear that term one more time, I think I'll pull my hair out. Of course I don't believe everything the media reports. It's always slanted to meet their agenda.

7. Some of the childproof or tamper proof packaging is just about impossible to open. Talk about frustrating. What about those cheap water bottles that have the smallest cap--you can't even grasp it enough to open it.

8. Margarita does so many exasperating things---like not putting the setting of the shower and tub back to what it was before she started cleaning. I'm sick of being sprayed in the face or having the shoot out of the shower or tub in to the room. It only had to happen 3 times before I am in to the habit of checking now before turning the water on.

9. Another Margarita aggravation---she leaves rags and cleaning supplies all over the house. I don't understand how she can get to the next room and not notice she left something behind. Two weeks ago, she forgot to put the vacuum away. If she wasn't so good, I might look for someone else. Just a little aggravating.

10. The last thing aggravating me this week is the fact that my new Movie Pass has not arrived. I've seen two movies since joining that I could have saved money on! I'm assured that I should get it this week. They are behind due to an overwhelming response!

So, what's been bugging you lately?

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