Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Overly Optimistic

Yes, I always tend to be overly optimistic. I'll admit it. It's just how I am. But here's one time, that I could not even imagine this!!

Here it is. I went to the doctor today. Up until now, I have been "non-weight bearing." Okay, I'll confess. I have been walking around in the boot a little for the past week. I'm a rule follower for sure. Last Wednesday was when I was due to go back to the doctor. Since my doctor was fully booked, I had to wait a full 'nother week. Well, due to my past experience (2 toe fusions and my other broken ankle this past year) I knew that I would be able to walk in the boot. So that's what I expected to happen today--that I would be allowed to be "weight bearing" with the boot for a month and then the shoe boot for a month.

Imagine my surprise when the doctor said I did so well that I do not have to wear the boot AT ALL!! I can go back to regular shoes and resume all normal activities!! I told her that I had full range of motion. She said I had BETTER than full range of motion. Because (patting myself on the back here) I did ALL the exercises AND many I made up for myself, I DO NOT even have to go to physical therapy!! I have healed incredibly well! My bones are healthy and strong.
See that little random screw there? That's where the bone was broken off completely. That screw is what attached the broken pieces.
These are the pictures of some beautiful bones! I've completely healed in 6.5 weeks! From doing nothing to doing anything overnight!

I asked if I could start the treadmill tomorrow. She said I can do whatever I want---just to start out slow and let my body be my guide. I told her about our trip next week to Oklahoma and all the sightseeing we plan to do. She then said that she was giving me a lace up brace to provide a little extra support. She wants me to use it when I think I need it and then wean myself off of it when I want to.

So just like that, my days on the couch have come to an end. It happened so abruptly that I didn't get everything done that I wanted to!! Even before the doctor visit, I had already planned to resume my normal life. Thursday: nails, errands, bridge and then an open house that evening with Steph; Friday: Sprint store to upgrade my iPhone, hair appointment, happy hour and then dinner at the club. Saturday: hike with family, play in my scrapbook room for the first time in 7 weeks! And so it goes.

It's been a nice vacay, but now it's time to get back to real life. I've got so much to do!! Halloween decorating at the top of the list.

My only regret--I would have been leaving for the beach tomorrow with my cousins. I had no idea I would really have been able to go---so we canceled the trip! Darn! I really needed that vacation!


  1. So happy for you. However Chrissy and I were just talking today on how much longer you might be with that boot. You never cease to amaze me on how you have such an amazing positive attitude. You are my role model. So happy for you.

  2. Great news and hope the next bit goes well for you too. :)

  3. Yay for you being a good patient - till nearly the very end. Glad you have done so well.

  4. That's awesome news! (Obviously I'm a little late, but getting caught up with some blog reading this evening!)

  5. I like that you've got photos of your bones!


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