Friday, September 23, 2016

A Few Things

Just a bunch of random photos.
 This little cutie---Travis---on his first day of school.
 Oops! I think in his excitement he forgot something!
 Mindy and Justin visiting family in Maine.
When Justin arrived, his mom had this surprise for him. He had not one---but two Cabbage Patch dolls when he was little!
So, I have this Magic 8 ball on my computer. I was going out for the day and decided to ask if I would have a fall. The answer was "try again later." I asked again and got "try again later." Then, I thought, "what the heck are you thinking? Quit being so negative!" So, I didn't try again later. Nor did  have a fall.
I picked up Mindy's needlepoint eggs that I finished for her. They are gorgeous. The finisher does beautiful work.

There is a 4th one that Mindy had already done a couple years ago. It's an adorable bunny. Stephanie is making these too. The needlework part is about 6" tall. Connie and I made them several years ago. It takes about 2 weeks to stitch one if you work 3 hours or so every night.
I stitched these Halloween "sitters" the last time I was laid up. Now I'm finally getting to use them. Oh wait, I didn't make them for me. Hmmm, I wonder who is getting them?

 They look cute sitting on a window.
While I was sitting around doing "nothin'," I put Mindy's wedding pictures in her album. All I had to do was add her little veil to the cover. I used glue dots on the metal barrette part, so she can take it off if she wants.
I made quite a haul to the post office. Some people are getting mail!
As I write the post, I am in Little Rock. We are on our way to meet up with Butch's brother, Walter and his wife, Chris. We're visiting their aunt and uncle. We'll travel around visiting their childhood home and also some historic sights along Route 66. Butch has spent hours and hours researching all of the things we need to do and the restaurants we need to visit. He did the same thing for our river cruise that had to be cancelled. I felt so bad about that. All his hard work---at least Bruce and Karolyn benefited from it. He puts everything in to a binder.
 He's very organized and thorough. Gotta' love that! This is the daily itinerary. He even has a column for the approximate amount of time each thing should take.
And for a man who doesn't care about food---well, he's made all the reservations too!

When we are traveling, he really tries to find things he knows I love---especially tea rooms! He works hard on the planning and it really pays off for the rest of us. We just go along and are sure to have a great time, see the best sights and have amazing food!



  1. A few very fun things. Love the needlework projects. And hubby and I were just talking about Route 66 in the car the other day - we need to put that on our bucket list.

  2. Oh those stitched sitters are cute, yeah for getting things to the post office. I'm reading backwards so am even more impressed with Butch's planning - in a binder :)


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