Sunday, September 18, 2016

Gas Crisis in Nashville

I'm sure the pipeline break in Alabama has made national news. That's where all of us mid-south people get our gas. Although they are working on it, they say we might be in to late this week before we get any gas. Of course, that caused a huge panic as our local news announced that prices had jumped as much as 30 cents a gallon overnight. We were watching the news about 6:15 a.m. when Butch commented that I should fill  my tank as he had already filled the Aspen SUV. I told him that I would do it when I went to the grocery store later in the morning, but that I would not be driving all over town (like he prefers) to get the cheapest gas. I go wherever my route takes me. Granted, Brentwood is probably some of the most expensive gas in town---and I don't usually get it here, but that's where I would be today.

Butch decided to take off on my behalf and get gas. He went to Bellevue where he usually goes. My thinking is that even if it's 10 cents a gallon more, that's roughly 2 bucks! You probably burn a buck going out of your way and then I consider that extra 15-30 minutes of my time is worth a buck. I will admit, I must be the only one who thinks this way as just about ALL of my friends are always driving around for the best price.

Anyway, when Butch got back--around 7:30, he said that one place he'd gone was already out of gas. When he went to the next place, he ended up having to get premium at $2.49 a gallon. He asked me to take his car and top it off and pay any price! I decided to go on and head out then. There are 6 gas stations in Brentwood. The first 3 were already out of gas. Then I came upon the long lines at the Shell station---a place I never go. 
I got in the line and immediately panicked. I realized that Butch's gas tank is on the opposite side of my car. I needed to be on the other side of the station. As I inched my way up and got a little closer, I could see that there was one lane I could get in that would be the right one for me. I waited about a half hour and prayed that they wouldn't run out. When I pulled up to the pump, a guy immediately came to my window and told me that the premium and mid-grade were already gone---only the low level was left. I was happy at how lucky I was as we use the lowest grade. I was about ready to get out of the car when he asked for my credit card. Then I realized he was going to pump it for me! I figured that's how they were trying to keep the traffic moving. I turned around to look at the price on the pump and saw that I was in the "full service" line---which I didn't even know existed anymore! Well, except when we were in Oregon last year---where you cannot pump your own---you have to let the attendant do it for you. Hey, I like that! 
When I finished, this is what I encountered trying to get out. the guy in the gray car was blocking the exit---and wasn't in any line for gas. There was a parking spot in front of me, so I asked him if he could park, let me out and then get back in line. He just looked at me and then proceeded to ignore me. Now I'm not the only one he's blocking as there's another line to my right. Finally, one of the attendants came over and asked him to do exactly what I'd asked. People can be so rude--only thinking of themselves! 
Anyway, I got out of the station and glanced down at the dashboard and about died. I thought I didn't get the gas at all. That's when I figured out that the one on the left wasn't his gas gauge. Mine is on the left. I breathed a sigh of relief. 
At the intersection, I looked at the receipt. I paid $2.99 a gallon for the lowest grade! Wow, talk about gouging! There it is---supply and demand! Luckily, Butch only needed 10 gallons.

I got to the grocery store and picked up what I needed. It was kind of creepy.

There wasn't a soul in there. Every aisle was completely empty--just a few workers. And it was 9 a.m. on a Saturday morning---a time you would ordinarily never catch me there. I was thinking, "where is everybody? I hope Publix is not going out of business!" Then it hit me, everybody else was out hunting GAS!! A gas shortage is unlike the threat of snow---when there's a run on the grocery stores and now you're hunting bread, milk and eggs. Still it was really nice to be in and out so quickly.

The plan was for Stephanie and Nicky to come over.  We were going to get in the pool. The rain changed that. Steph texted me that they were going to come anyway. Butch and Nicky watched football while Steph and I stitched with an old movie. 

Bellevue was completely sold out of gas, so Stephanie and Nicky couldn't get any. Stephanie has a long commute for work--nearly an hour--and not the most economical car. She said she had about a half of a tank. Then I started feeling guilty. Here we were sitting on 3 full tanks---mine for our trip to Oklahoma at the end of week and Butch's for a trip to Atlanta earlier. Soooooo....
I loaned her my Solstice! The girls have been begging me for years to let them drive it--especially Stephanie. I've always refused because I'm keeping it as an investment. It's the cutest little car. It's 10 years old now with only 6,000 miles on it. I'm going to sell it for $20,000 when I decide the time is right. Considering the purchase price was only about $15,000 when we bought it, Butch says there's no way. My cousin, Chris, who also had a car like this also scoffs at me. But, just you wait! Heck, I sold---or I should have say, "traded" a '63 Chevy Impala for a $7,000 furnace!! Butch had decided to sell it for $5,000 but hadn't really listed it yet. When the furnace guy was talking about how cool the Chevy was, I said, "hey, you want to trade for the new furnace?" He jumped on it and was really excited. When Butch got home from work that day, he was surprised (and happy) I'd made that deal!

And now you are probably wondering---"how the heck many cars do we have?" We have 6 cars--3 we use all the time. Butch loves cars. One is a '59 Corvette and another '93 Corvette. He says he's going to sell a couple. I don't really care whether he does or not. I always said I'd rather encourage his love for old cars than find out he was in to younger women!!

**Gas update: As I was typing this post, the news has reported that there was some gas delivered overnight to a few stations around town. That means there will be another run today. Luckily, we're covered!


  1. Ouch, I cannot remember the last time I had to worry about gas. I hope that shortage doesn't spread northward. It sounds like you are properly stocked at the moment.

  2. Oh Wow, I missed that news story completely! It was a busy month around here. The only times I remember gas issues are during hurricane evacuations. When we lived in Lufkin, Hurricane Ike created quite a shortage of everything!

  3. Ouch on the gas - glad you were able to help Stephanie out.


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