Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A Few Things

I have quite a few random photos to share:
I read an article about some high schools allowing their seniors to personalize their parking spaces. I would love to see a colorful parking lot like this one in person.
Some of them are so clever. There are game boards, candy bars and even some fast food logos.
Now here's an enterprising student! Maybe not everyone has a car, but is still entitled to a parking spot. A great way to earn a few bucks.
Over Labor Day weekend, the family drove to Crossville (or was it Centerville), TN for a 3 mile hike (roundtrip) to a waterfall. Carter is taking the picture. Nicky, Stephanie, Justin in the back with Mindy and Bruce. Jordan, Morgan and Butch.
You had to wade through the water---which sounds like a lot of fun and a good way to stay cool. But you do have to watch out for slippery rocks.
 Justin had this green butterfly that was enthralled with his shoes. It's not easy being green!
 And then here's the waterfall. Butch said it was the worst possible time to go--Labor Day weekend with 5000 other people. The trail was crowded too.
When Butch found out that Bruce's weekend plans had changed, he invited him. Bruce is always such a good sport.
Mindy and Justin have a 2nd bedroom in their new condo. That bedroom had a closet with no door on it. We had this barn door made. It slides. A regular door would not have worked and it's too late to add a pocket door. This was the perfect solution--albeit--expensive. Who builds a closet without a door? It's not that big, but maybe the previous owners turned it in to a computer nook.
 I love how Robert, my yard guy, mows the checkered design each week. This isn't the greatest picture, but you get the idea.
 Someone is the house is paranoid and it's not me.
My cousin, Chrissy, has a beautiful home. It looks pretty darn nice here. But then, with just a little new paint:
From all white to grey and white---really sets off the trim. Next time I'm home in summer, I want to sit out here with a glass of fresh, homemade lemonade! Oh wait, Chrissy doesn't make lemonade!
Despite being home-bound, we still had our AYM meeting here last week. The word this month was "tell." I took these photos from one of my very first scrapbooks. In my organization class, I've said that I would not take apart old scrapbooks just because my scrapbooking has progressed. The early stuff is pretty bad! Not because we rounded every corner back then, but because there were no stories! So now, I'm re-using the photos when I want to "tell" the story! All of my pages have a story!
Blurry photo, but my favorite lotion of all time. It's from the dead sea and leaves you silky and soft with no greasy feeling. It's really great for my stitching as those fragile silk fibers have a tendency to "catch up" on my dry hands and fingers.
A handsome picture of my brother, Matt (on the right) along with my nephews. Zack, Max (on top) and Mike. Matt and family were in Texas to see new baby Harper.
 And then the girls: Jessica, Sharon, sister Janice (who drove in from Kingsland) and Allison.
 Aside from the smaller, Halloween needlepoints I did this time around, I finished this library.
 It's a pretty good size--about 18x18. I used quite a variety of stitches and fibers. I just realized in these pictures that I've forgotten to sign an date it. I need to do that.
It was the very last unfinished piece I owned---which says quite a lot. Stitchers have lots of canvases. Once I completed it, I decided to switch over to knitting for a bit. But then...
I found these---buried in the knitting! For shame! How in the world did that happen? All by themselves in a little tote bag. You know how I pride myself in being so organized! These canvases are really old! They came from a store that's been out of business for at least 15 years and another store in St. Louis---that I cannot remember the last time I visited. Since they are smaller, this gives me travel projects for the next year or two!
And last, but not least, my niece, Ranya (concert cellist) played at Phyllis Schlafly's funeral. She snapped this photo of Donald Trump giving the eulogy. I'm not even going there...
I'm just so proud of Ranya. She's played for Barry Manilow, Transiberian Orchestra and many others that I can't remember. She has her own quartet and then does free lance playing when "stars" come to town.
She handled all of the music for Mindy's wedding. We couldn't have been happier! One of these days, I'm going to be in St. Louis when she's doing a concert---then I'll get to see her in action!
You can check her out here--you can fast forward about 3 minutes in to get to a close up of her. Okay, I've never heard of that song, but she plays great! I found her on Youtube. In this one there's a close up 1 minute and a half in and then again at 3 minutes.

So there you have it---a little bit of randomness from the couch!


  1. This was a delightful post of pictures. I love your needlepoint of the library scene - lovely. And for a minute I was super-impressed that you had no unfinished projects, but shame on me, I was also relieved for myself when that was not the case. You'll still probably beat me to that sacred caught-up place though - do stitch on while I scrap through unfinished projects!! I hope your are recovering nicely there on the couch, while I type here on my computer that has a decorated paper butterfly covering the camera lens (not paranoid,just prepared for an eventuality).

  2. Er, our school there isn't room for pupil parking and there are severe penalties for any pupil found parking inside the school gates. They have to park on the street outside, so in reality most kids take the car a couple of times and then give up because it's too hard to get parked.

  3. No school parking for anyone around here - teachers included. Yeah on finding some travel kits to work on and congrats on finishing the other project bits.


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