Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A Lot Changes in 6 Weeks

The first time I went out last year after surgery, I was surprised to see an entire little shopping center had gone up. There were all kinds of restaurants and shops. I guess I just never noticed it was in the works. By the time I did, it was fully up and running. 

Here are a few new things that have happened this time.

One Saturday, Stephanie was coming over to stitch. She told me that she would get lunch. I had my heart set on a burger, but hadn't mentioned it because I thought she was going to go out at lunch time to pick up something. Instead, she stopped on the way. When she arrived, she said, "I brought us sushi for lunch!" My heart kind of sank. I had never had sushi before. It just doesn't seem like anything I would like---and especially not raw fish! I don't like raw meat, so raw fish is a "no." The rest of the family loves sushi, so a while back, I told the girls that I was going to be open to it. I just figured we'd go out some time after happy hour some Friday. Well, instead, sushi came to me. I put a happy face on it--I mean after all, she brought me lunch! 
She served it up with some edamame. Now I have had edamame before---and don't really get it. It's sort of tasteless. But as it turned out, it was just a little something to have with the sushi. I liked it just fine. As for the sushi, I LOVED it! In fact, I've become a little obsessed. I've had it two other times since Steph brought it. One thing I've learned, is that you if it does contain fish, you have to eat it right away. I went on Saturday and talked to the "sushi maker" at the grocery store. I found that I could order exactly what I wanted. Depending on the thickness of the slices, 4 or 5 pieces is all you need. We're going to Charlotte for Thanksgiving, so Sandy is going to take us to her favorite sushi place. That might be my first time having it at a restaurant. Looking forward to it.

The next thing:
When I walked in to the grocery store on Saturday, this greeted me---a wine display! I had forgotten that the law finally passed to allow the grocery stores to sell alcohol. This will certainly make it more convenient. As for the prices---I don't know about that. Butch handles alcohol purchases around here. He'll be "on" it for sure!
This was the biggest surprise of all. When I "went down" there was just a hole in the ground. This is the house that's going up right behind us. I have heard all the activity, but had no idea that the whole house is up now! I'm still a little worried that they are going to cut down the little patch of woods that separates us. There were surveyors there last week---which means they are checking out the property lines. We'll see what happens. I won't be happy if the woods go. It is home to so much wildlife--not to mention the privacy factor.

And then some things never change:

The last I heard, Ben and Jennifer Garner were "back together!" I guess Ben just has a "thing" for Jennifers!
This is nothing new at all. The scandal sheets have been reporting on their divorce for months now. I haven't heard anything official, but I always say---with these "rags"---"where there's smoke, there's fire!"****

***OMGosh! Just after I posted this, they have announced on the news that Brangelina are definitely splitting. And it's going to be ugly!

Okay, so not much has changed in my regular life. I'm back at it full force! Had my first "Movie Monday" in weeks. We saw The Light Between Oceans. Although we thought the movie was a little slow, it was excellent. It was just as gut-wrenching as the book. It was so good---and poses so many ethical questions. It's hard to figure out the "right side." One decision affects so many people. Except for one incident, the movie followed the book pretty well. 

Tuesday, I went to stitching with Connie and Nancy. While I've been away, Nashville Needleworks has expanded in to the 3rd storefront. I just hope they haven't gone too far! They have a lot of business, but rent on 3 stores--must be astronomical. I've seen it happen in the scrapbook industry---once they expand their space, they end up going out of business. The NN shop owner is a smart business woman, so I'm sure she knows what she's doing. She's also a great teacher and have people come in from all over the country to take her classes and workshops. 

I realize that change happens all the time. It's just that when you are out-of-the-loop for a bit, it seems more sudden!



  1. You have some interesting changes there, for sure. For years we couldn't buy alcohol in supermarkets here, though we could in England, so it was always a little bit weird going on holiday and picking up a bottle of cider in the supermarket. The law changed here, but not all tills are allowed to take payment for alcohol, so if you queue at the wrong till you are sent back to the end of the queue at another till

  2. Thanks for the sushi lesson~ I have never tasted it :)

  3. After much hesitation here too, I discovered I actually like sushi - but I don't get edamame either. And I don't get the fascination with celebrity romances - just don't care. Our newest Meijer store has an enormous wine/liquor department - and my hubby was liking their prices. Although I reminded him that our stock of California wines is more than sufficient for the time being.

  4. Wookie likes sushi - has it for lunch when he can. I'll eat it but it isn't my favourite.

    Wookie found it odd as we travelled through the different states where you could buy alcohol and where you can't. Here our local store sells it as well as supermarkets etc.


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