Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Cruisin' Route 66

Continuing down Route 66--we turned off to see the old/original road. It struck us as to how narrow it  is. Beautiful country too.
This old motel is so cute! And you can still stay there. 

We stopped at POP---full of different kinds of sodas in cute bottles.

We got out to the car. I had one "koozie." I asked Butch if he had another for Chris. Voila'---now we're in MY car, mind you---and he goes to the back---underneath the floor mat to some compartment that I thought was the spare tire---although I've never looked in there---and pulled out another! The man needs to go on the old "Let's Make a Deal!" He has anything you ask for or can find something that will work! We've always said he could survive living out of his car. Well, apparently, he's set me up too!
The only round barn in the US---built in the 1930's.

We ended our Route 66 tour in Oklahoma City where we visited the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial. It was one of the best museums we've visited. So interesting! I cried a few times. I felt like I watched a sad movie. One of the survivors---while being rescued---said something that is going to stick with me forever. While the rescuers--firemen and regular citizens---were walking around to find people, she shouted out, "You're walking on my face!" OMGosh---how heart wrenching! Touring this museum was not something that I really wanted to do---just not all that interested. Butch said it was supposed to be really good---and you know me---I don't want to miss a thing. I'm so glad I took this tour. It was incredible!
We're in Oklahoma, so we had to try some things. This was our appetizer last night. Deep fried bacon with ranch dip. I wasn't crazy about it. Butch got the bison burger and really liked it. Chris and I shared the "fry bread." Butch and Walter grew up with that but their family called it "squaw bread." I took one bite and didn't like it at all. It was total grease! Chris liked it. She said it reminded her of a funnel cake. Well, there you go. A funnel cake is fried dough. I don't like them either!

Today we're off to a wildlife preserve and Fort Sill. We're having a great time!


  1. Just did a complete catch-up on your blog after being away all last week. Whew! Reading about your adventures makes me tired! I'll be interested to hear the update on the osteo strong thing - I also have difficulty with balance, which has gotten worse with added weight, so I'll be interested to know if the focused activity makes a difference.

  2. I'd love a chance to stay in that old motel. I'd feel like I was in the movies. Or maybe in an episode of Rockford Files?

    Don't know what to say about deep fried bacon. Wow..lol

  3. Hello Barbara, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog post. Route 66! the stuff of dreams I just love that red round barn, and the tiny motel! fabulous. You do seem to be having fun.

  4. That red barn really stands out - fascinating that it's circular and unique in that. Lovely little motel too. Not sure what to make of the menu items - fatty things are not up my street either!

  5. Cool shots to show your trip. I like the red barn.

    I love bacon but I'm not certain about it deep fried. I can't do funnel cake and was astonished to discover my niece/nephew had it for breakfast at school. Didn't sound very nutritious to me.


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