Monday, April 6, 2015

The Truth About Pain

Whenever you have pain, it can be deceiving. For example, you might ache all over after doing something you hadn't done in awhile. But the truth is, you mostly only feel what hurts the most. I had heard this for a long time, but didn't really get it. Now I do.

When I got the boot, I asked if I had to sleep in it. The doc said, "no, but be sure to let your foot hang outside of the covers so you don't get all tangled up in them. In my mind, I was thinking, "that's crazy. I won't get tangled up." I usually do sleep with one foot hanging out---more to keep myself cool. But it's the other foot---not the one I had surgery on.

Anyway, it happened! I was awakened with a sharp pain in my toe. My first thought was, "oh no, I did just what he told me not to do!" Then I realized it was the other foot. Yes, the toe that didn't bother me all that much is now killing me! Seems that since I had the most painful one taken care of, I didn't realize how much the other one hurt.

That's okay, this was such a breeze---except for the being laid up part, that I think I'll get the other one taken care of in September or October. I can't wait to be done with this.

I wonder what will hurt next that I'm not even aware of???


  1. You make a good point. My Pilates teacher was talking about this last week. he said the only reason we rub something when it hurts is to give us another pain to think about. Rubbing doesn't actually do any good.

  2. Hoping that however it arises, the pain is short lived. And doesn't spread to other places.

  3. Oh that's so disappointing! I imagine that with the boot on your "fixed" foot you are bearing weight a little differently on your "good" foot and perhaps that's increasing the pain that you hadn't noticed before. I do hope you mend quickly!!!

  4. Oh goodness, it does seem we always notice the most painful things & other "little" pains get pushed aside . . . until they become the most painful! Glad you're healing up well!

  5. Hoping for the boot to help and the other toe to behave!! Thanks for stopping by-


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