Thursday, April 30, 2015

A Few Pages

My goal this week with my scrapbooking was to just get the pictures on the page. I didn't do anything particularly creative---just lots of pictures, trip journals and memorabilia.

 My favorite layout of the week: "when it comes to the sister-in-law lottery, I hit the Jackpot!" Janet is more than a SIL, she's a sister and a friend!

I had so many pictures from this family rv trip to Colorado that I was able to do a layout for each of the girls. As soon as the they were able to write, I made everyone take a day to do the journaling on our trips. It is so much fun to look back and see a trip from a 5 year old perspective. Apparently, one day, the most important thing that happened was that Butch complained to a waitress that there were ants crawling all over the highchair that Mindy was sitting in!! Such great memories that would have been lost had I not made everyone take a turn with the stories.

I've always been a writer at heart.


  1. You certainly did a great job "just getting those photos on the pages!" These all look great. I agree about writing memories - I used to do that at the end of my Santa's Day Out events & have such cute notes from my nieces and nephew.

  2. some lovely memories scrapped

  3. They sure look creative to me!

  4. A few pages? A few pages? That's really quite a few pages! And they look creative to me too

  5. You have been making up for lost time. Scrap on - these are fab.


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