Sunday, April 26, 2015

About that Catholic Guilt...

...seems that even unconsciously it's a good thing!!! Remember a couple weeks ago I mentioned that the nurse "outed" me about my weight---and I lied by 3 lbs.? Well, turns out, I guess my sub-conscious couldn't handle the lie, because now it's TRUE!! I'm "down" those 3 lbs. Hmmm, now if only I could just turn the weight-loss over to the sub-conscious permanently....

I have a few random photos to share today.
So, my sister, Janice from Texas, visited Nashville last week with her friend, Kathi from California. They started here and then drove to Memphis to do Graceland. This t-shirt made me laugh. Janice is so devoted to her animals---you might recall this post about the "finger" incident. Warning: not for the feint of heart.
The first day they were here, I took them to Carnton Plantation---turned in to a hospital during the Civil War. We lunched here at Puckett's Grocery before their Segway tour of Franklin.
This is the "box of sunshine" I sent the girls this week. I saw the idea somewhere on the internet. It was so much fun collecting "yellow" things. There's Juicy Fruit gum, Lemonheads, Subway card, footies, nail polish, mascara tube, nail art pen, Milk Duds, M&M Peanuts, Lays, Butterfingers, Peep, shower scrubbie, post-it notes, flashlight, Burt's Bees lip balm and a few other miscellaneous things nestled on a bed of yellow Easter grass. I included a note on top saying: "Just a box of sunshine to get your through exams!" Next year, I'm going to pick another color and do it again! They LOVED it!
 I picked up the needlepoint star Christmas tree topper that I finished during the holidays.
 I really like the finished project, but didn't really enjoy doing this one. That gusset is over 6 feet long---plus I don't exactly love working with metallics. I thought I'd never finish it.
This is my cute cousin, Judy. She was at the beach last week with friend and sent me this picture. She's amazing---way older than you might think---at least way older than me!!
Glasses are sooooo expensive that I decided to try a different route this time. David Kind is an internet eyeglass company. It works like this: the glasses are $295.00. You choose 3 styles you would like to try on. They assign you to a personal optician. You email a picture of yourself.
They send you a box with 6 pairs of frames---the 3 you picked and then 3 the stylist picks for you Turns out I like ALL 3 pairs the stylist picked. You get opinions, you take your photo with them on and return to your stylist for opinions, email your prescription and "voila" new glasses in no time. Sure beats the $2500 I spent the last time for eye exam, glasses and sunglasses. I don't know if David Kind has sunglasses.
I designed this end page while scrapbooking at the farm a few weeks ago. I love this quote from Carson of Downton Abbey. Very simple page with a hand-stitched border. I remember when hand-stiching on your scrapbook pages became a "thing." I had already been a stitcher for over 30 years. I told my friends---"that's it. When you seem me sewing on my scrapbook pages, just call the men in the little white truck!" Well, they didn't!


  1. I love that end page Barb! Maybe I wil cave and learn how to stitch after all. I'm totally scraplifting this!

  2. Beautiful sewing work - I can't imagine how long that star took, and your end page is very nice to look at too.

  3. I love the idea of a box of sunshine!! My new glasses were @$800, although insurance covered a portion. I want to check out some less expensive options for an extra pair & sunshades, but not sure if the mail order ones will be such a good price with progressives. (Headed to check it out though!)

  4. What a lovely sunny cheerful post! so many lovely things to look at and admire. the lovely star, the box of sunshine! and that gorgeous end page.

  5. I am intrigued by the glasses purchase online - that's very tempting. I wear contacts and hardly ever wear glasses, so I hate to spend money on them. I might give that a try.


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