Friday, April 17, 2015

One Post Leads to Another

Funny how that happens! My post of Monday: It All Boils Down to Potatoes has now spawned 2 additional posts. (Doesn't the word "spawn" sound ominous? Sort of like the devil's spawn? It's not a word I regularly use, so I had to let it roll around on my brain a bit to decide if I'd use it or not. I am using it).

Yesterday prompted me to think about television stations. Today, we're back to food. I guess that's really no big surprise.

I got my hamburger. Fresh off the grill---first of the season.
Decisions, decisions. Did I just want barbecue sauce, or plain with cheese. In the end, he mixed them up. He asked what I was doing when he saw me nearly put BBQ sauce on the cheeseburger. It's an either/or situation---that's why he asked in the first place. With me not being the main food preparer, I'm all discombobulated. I can't think straight. Oh and did you notice the potato salad?

While Butch was out running errands this morning, I asked him to stop by Michaels. His first time. He found the yarn I needed without a problem. On the way home he did something really BIG!! This was the best of all! A total surprise.
He drove through Starbucks!!! You have no idea how BIG this really is!!! He does NOT do Starbucks! Whatta guy!!

The funny thing is I think he might have thought I was hinting. But anytime I write about Starbucks, I always follow it with my order: a venti, iced black tea, shaken with three Equals, please. That's just what I do. And now that's what he did!

That boy gets me!

Hmmm, is there anything else I should be mentioning here?

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  1. Aw, I don't think Wookie has ever voluntarily gone into Starbucks for me (except to buy a bag of coffee for my Christmas present one year...) and he'd have no idea what I drink if he did.


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