Thursday, April 16, 2015

Good Day/Bad Day

It was one of those kind of days---switching back and forth from a good day to bad day and back again. It started out as a good day as I was excited to see the doctor. Then it turned bad!

Outed by doctor’s nurse---I couldn’t believe she asked my weight in front of Butch!! How rude! It’s bad enough that he has a rough idea, but then I lied by 3 pounds! Then it turned good.

Doctor visit: I’m so happy!!! Everything is going so good. I was a little worried that I had overdone it and messed something up since I’ve had a little pain. Doc says I can’t mess anything up—that’s just my body telling me to slow down. What??? What does that even mean?? I don’t think I can possibly go any slower! Kidding.

I’ll be in this boot for 3 more weeks, but weight bearing now. I can even switch to a sandal for driving, but put the boot back on when I reach my destination.

It all looks really good. Each time I go, I understand a little better what I had done. The joint is gone so the calcium will not re-build. Right now, it’s just like I have broken my toe and is held together with the plate and screws until the bone fuses. He won’t remove plate and screws unless it bothers me—but he doesn’t expect that. The bone will be fused 70% at 6 months—100% by a year. I’ll never know the difference.

After I’m out of the boot, I’ll go to regular loose shoes or tennis shoes with no restrictions. I just have to remember that I might have a little pain and swelling for the first six months IF I overdo it!!

It’s ALL good!!! Oh, and I can have a pedicure any time now!! The day continued down good road.

Scrapbooking---went in to my room and created the title page for our 2015 AYM “Book of Lists” album. Still good.

Lunch---leftover grilled burgers---delish! 
Still good.

Free Movie Preview---Pitch Perfect 2 is coming out. I totally loved the first one---anything with song and dance is right up my alley. Since I’m a member of the Regal Club, I got an offer for a pair of free tickets for the preview night. When I clicked the link it turned in to a bad day.

Computer Malware---seized my internet and froze everything.

Look closer. Doesn't it look like the website is "heydickyouarefckdipshit"?

Called Apple tech support and it turned back to a good day.

Mac Tech Support fixes my problem. Still a good day.

The Rug Man Cometh---from Kusadaki Turkey. Bruce and Karolyn called and said the guy was in town with a trunkful of rugs. While waiting, it turned in to a bad day when I clicked on the link to do my Lumosity brain training. Computer seized AGAIN! REALLY bad day!

Mac Tech Support---while on the phone, the rug men show up, so it turns back to a good day when Butch takes over the tech support call. He fixes the problem so it turned back in to a good day;

Gorgeious Rugs---the good day quickly turns in to a bad day when the only two rugs I really liked turned out to be $7,000 each!---not exactly what I’d planned to spend. but it sure would have made an interesting post for "What I Buy Wednesdays!" We’re going to remodel our bath room this fall, so I was looking for something that would provide me with the inspiration for what I want to do with it. 
The truck out front.
 I have to say, they really work hard---hauling all of those rugs in and rolling them out.
The one you see here is my own rug with some of theirs stacked up. I was still on the "bad day side" when I realized that it could have been a "worse" day had I made a purchase. Still on the bad side.

All login information for the websites I visit is GONE!!! OMGosh!!! It turned in to a good day again when I went through and logged in to my “go to” sites. Still a good day.

Naptime---no explanation needed! Turns in to a bad day with call from VISA

VISA---lady starts asking for personal information to verify the account. Uhhhh, heck NO!!! This is the card that was stolen twice in the same week!! Bad Day continues.

Call Visa Fraud Department---and find out the reason they were trying to get in touch with us is that our account is past due. What??? It’s actually a debit card linked to our bank account---auto-pay. Apparently, with the confusion with new cards, the auto draft was not put in place. Turns in to a Good Day.

Service fees are waived. Turns back in to a bad day.

No nap. No explanation needed! Then it turned back to a good day.

Cocktail Conversation---Butch said, “I saved this story for over dinner.” Instead it was cocktails (at least for him). The last time he prepared a topic of conversation was when I gave him advance notice that I expected him to come up with three things to discuss on a road trip. He’s a man of few words. In fact, I think we used up all of his topics before we ever made it out of the city!! Still a good day.

Cracker Jacks---when Butch went in to refresh his drink, he said, “You want some Cracker Jacks.” That made me laugh---so random. We have probably not had Cracker Jacks in 30 years!  I said, “I like Cracker Jacks.” He said, “I know!” A really good day.

The day flipped back and forth 19 times---and zoomed by! When I tally it up, it comes down to is that for the most part it was a GOOD day out-weighing the bad by 2 to 1. 

And I'd say that's a pretty darn GOOD day! 


  1. Even when you are supposed to be resting you never stop..

    I'm glad the Good outweighed the Bad!

  2. Gosh that was quiet a day. I was smiling and agreeing with you on being outed by the doctor's nurse. It happened to me rude :)

  3. What a roller coaster ... glad it ended up more positive than negative!

  4. a day is only really bad if it gets boring and, like you my days are never boring

  5. Glad that your day ended up with more good than bad...

  6. Well now, that was quite a roller coaster ride. I saw in a more recent post that your computer was now behaving - so I'm hoping you are in line for a very long string of very good days.


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