Wednesday, April 29, 2015

He Might Look Like a Man...

But he's still a boy!! At least we'd like to keep him that way for a bit yet!

Last week, Sandy was telling me about going to Mitchell's National Honor Society induction ceremony. She said he didn't want to go, but she insisted---since she's been to a gazillion sports awards banquets. She wanted the academic moment and I don't blame her! The kid's got it all, brains, brawn and looks.

Sandy said as she was sitting there, she couldn't resist sending me this shot.
Look closely---he's wearing athletic socks with the Nike swish showing---and on the front row! Sandy said she thought she was past the point of checking him out before he leaves the house! That's Mitchell---so laid back. You can almost hear his "whatever."
 The big moment---towering over the principal!
HIs classes are nearing an end---I think the AP exams start next weekend. 
 Prom with his girlfriend, Alyssa.

That's my BOY!! The only one in a family full of girls! He provides us with so much entertainment. I love him so much!! He's so funny and fun to be around. And he always makes us feel like he really wants to spend time with us. I love that.
And, just in time for graduation---I finished his afghan. It is so huge---I thought I would never get it done. I just wanted to make sure that he could wrap his 6'4" frame in it. Otherwise, what's the point?
I did it all in one piece with random size stripes. I put tassels just on the 4 corners. I wanted to keep it as masculine as possible. It's such a grandmotherly gift. My mother made afghans for all of her grandchildren when they were born and then again for their high school graduation. My girls still have theirs---they last forever!

We'll be off to Charlotte at the end of the month for this boy's graduation. We'll stay until Victoria's 8th grade graduation the following week.

These kids---they'er growing up way too fast---if you ask me!!

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  1. handsome young man - and great job on the afghan!


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