Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Who's Afraid of Snakes?

I think snakes are a common fear. At least it is for me. I got this email from Sandy the other day:

"Greg found another snake today.  This one was in the garage curled up under the water heater, and it slithered into the opening where the gas line runs under the house when Greg got near it.  That makes 4 snakes total that we've found, and they have not been little.  It really is starting to creep us out now. We've got a "snake guy" coming on Tuesday to do a thorough inspection of the yard and crawl space.  I am fearful of what he might find living under our house!  We have to do something because no one wants to go in the backyard, and now the girls (and me a little) are freaked out about going into the garage.  I just hope that one doesn't make it's way into the house!"

Sandy called me today to give me an update. The "snake whisperer" told her that these snakes can reach 8 ft. long and are harmless. They feed on rodents. He then informed her of their bigger problem. They have A LOT of mice. That's what the snakes are feeding on. 

Sandy said that it's gotten so bad, that Elizabeth won't sleep in her bed now. She's been sleeping on their floor. Then Victoria told her she would be safer in her bed than on the floor. That didn't help the situation. When Sandy asked Elizabeth to get the dry cleaning off the front porch, she freaked. She then told Victoria to get it. She said that Victoria opened  the door and peeked out. She surveyed the front porch area before taking a step out. 

As it turns out, it's not only the kids that are freaked. Greg asked Sandy if she wanted to have a glass of wine on the porch. She hesitated because it was dark out. He said, "not you too!" She's freaked too.

On the other hand, Mitchell seems to be taking it all in stride. He thinks they are all over-reacting. Yeah, sure. The guy who screams like a little girl when he sees a spider!!!

I'll take spiders over snakes any day!

The "snake man" is going to be coming on a monthly basis to tackle the mouse problem. Hopefully, the snakes will slither off to the house next door! 

We've certainly had our fair share of animal problems here---remember several years ago when I had to call "Critter Ridder" to re-locate the family of opossums living under our house? And we have mice too. I like animals, but I just don't want them in our house!


  1. There was a break in a sewer pipe which meant that the rats got into our cellar so we had to call the "Rat Man"
    He put down poison and within days we could smell the unique stink of decaying rat. fortunately the smell doesn't last long - we couldn't find where it was hidden and think it had died in the wall of the cellar - built in 1888 so all stone and black mortar. The man came back and checked the poison traps and there was still stuff left in the so we know we got the rat. They carry such awful diseases I really hate them

  2. No snakes in Ireland :) But I'm sure I'd like one if I did happen to come across one on my travels..


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