Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Five Things Thursday

I got the idea for posting about 5 random things from Sian over at From High in the Sky.
I've decided to call it "Five Things Thursday." 

1. Our last tomatoes.
I was planning to use them in our salad last night when Stephanie, Nicky and Morgan came over for dinner. Butch threw them away. He said they were rotten. Disappointing.

2. I kind of like this "throwback Thursday" business. But, I'm too lazy to find pictures. I got these off of Facebook when the girls' friends posted them.
 Stephanie, Malinda, Erin, and Sara at Sandy's wedding in 1994.
I'm not really sure how old Mindy is here, but I'm thinking around 8---that would make it 1992.

3. These nasty bugs are back. I'm sure they are coming in with the fire wood. They must be a problem all over the Nashville area as Mindy had one crawling on her wine glass at the club. It freaked her out. We have never seen a bug at the club.
To get an idea how big it is, think of the body as wide as a dime. Eeek! Still, I guess I'll take these over snakes.

4. Can't wait to show you what I have going on here.
Think Thanksgiving. I'll be sharing the website where I got the idea when I post the finished product. Maybe tomorrow.

5. Lastly, I just had to share these darling little festive things I found on Pinterest. 
Aren't they the cutest little grinches? I won't be making them, but Sandy might. She does stuff like this. I don't really have the patience.

And that concludes my first "Five Things on Thursday." 


  1. That's a good variety of items. Our last few tomatoes weren't worth eating either....but the apples seem to go on and on!

  2. I like the that book.

    It must be twice as exciting having Thanksgiving to prepare for as well as Christmas

  3. Man I hate stink bugs! Can't wait to see that Thanksgiving project!

  4. Bugs do seem to come in to get warm too. I like the grinches - fun :)


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