Friday, November 15, 2013


Outside my window: We've had a cold snap this week and our first snow.
This picture was taken while it was snowing. I have no idea why you can't really see it. Of course, the ground is too warm, so it melted as soon as it landed. The weekend is supposed to be nice. It's sunny right now, but I'm sure it's still chilly.

I am thinking: About my Thanksgiving centerpiece. I think I'm just going to use fall colored flowers. I'll set the base of greens from the yard and add the flowers. Once Thanksgiving weekend is over, all I have to do it pull out the fall flowers and put in the white ones I like to use for the Christmas holidays. 

I am thankful for: An old friend and her daughters---Connie, Amanda and Malinda. We had a great time together at dinner last night. Just like old times.

From the kitchen: I've already planned my Thanksgiving dinner. Last night, at Christmas Village I bought some Captain Rodney's sauce to use in a new appetizer recipe. It makes a 9x13 dish, so that will be plenty for happy hour with the whole gang. Although chances are slim, leftovers would be nice.

I am wearing: Still in my jammies. When I finish this post, I'll get myself ready for the day.

I am hoping: To take 3 needlepoint pieces for finishing and another for framing. 

I am reading: Killing Jesus. I'll finish it over the weekend. It is soooo good, easy to understand the times and people.

I am busy creating: This week, I got my December kits put together. I just need to write the handout.  I finished my handmade "goodies" for Miriam's swap. I'll be getting that in the mail today. I also planned our family craft for Thanksgiving afternoon. I found the idea on Pinterest. Turned out pretty cute.
Now if I could only learn to put my glasses on when I take a picture, I might notice if it came out blurry.

I'm bummed: That my arms are too short to take a decent "selfie." 

I am hearing: "This Magic Moment" on Pandora. And it is a magic moment here in front of the fireplace. Oh, and now it's "Someone Like You" by Adele. My favorite song. I've made it the ringer on my phone.

Around the house and garden: Getting ready for holiday decorating. I do not need one more thing, yet I bought a few more at Christmas Village. I cannot resist glittered things. I'll share pics later.

In other news: Butch took Morgan to the Titan's game last night. When they got home, I had a chance to catch up with her a bit. She works ALL the time. She says she's going to have time off during the holidays. We just want her to enjoy her senior year. She likes the money. What can you say to that? There's a fine line between wanting them to be responsible and getting the balance just right. Life is so darn short. Of course, when you're 17, you don't think like that.

One of my favorite things right now: One of my blog friends, Abi, introduced me to another game app for my phone. It's called "dots." I must warn you, it's addicting. Still, it's fun to play when you're waiting for something. 

I appreciate: My buddy, Jeff. He's been coming to our rescue for almost 20 years now. We had a leak under the sink.
When I am writing the check before he leaves, I always say the exact same thing, "Jeff, I always enjoy seeing you, but I hope I don't have to see you again!" Quite the paradox. 

I regret: that the debacle known as "Obama Care" has caused this:
Three pieces of health care "junk mail" in one day. Whose watching out for those poor trees?

How the weekend is shaping up: I'm looking forward to a leisure weekend. Tomorrow night, we're going to the club to celebrate Stephanie's birthday. Other than that, I plan to scrapbook (can't wait) and finish my book. I think I'll throw in some stitching while I watch a couple of movies I have recorded. 

Speaking of the club---I sent the family an email letting them know that I was able to reserve the private dining room for the Christmas brunch. Sandy sent me this reply:

"I'm glad we are in the private dining room because there is less chance that Santa will make an appearance in there than in the main dining room (if he still comes to the club).  I wasn't even going to mention the possibility of Santa to Elizabeth, but she overheard me talking to Greg, so now she knows he might be there.  And as you can guess she is NOT happy about it!  She told us last night that she isn't even going to take her own children to see Santa.  She said she would just wait in the car or shop in the store until they were done.  I told her that children have to have an adult with them and she said "Mom, Santa is an adult!"  I don't think she will ever like Santa!"

You may recall that Elizabeth says that "Santa ruins Christmas!" We have no idea why he freaks her out. Plus at 8 years old, she obviously isn't over it yet. There was one year that she was scared of everything---about age 5 or 6. She didn't like the "elf on the shelf" or the surprise snowman door hanger Sandy put on her knob while she slept. She said he was staring at her.
Apparently, she has no fear of gypsies. She dressed up as one for Halloween.

Lastly, so proud of Mitchell. His debate team came in FIRST!!! That'll look good on a college resume.
Someone else takes blurry pictures too. Mitchell on the right.

Hope y'all have a great weekend!! Only 39 days to Christmas. Where are you in your planning?


  1. You've been quite busy Barbara! Your comment about being "bummed" that your arms are too short totally cracked me up. We've also had our first flurries but nothing we could get a photo of. I'm so not ready for winter!

  2. 39 days - really!? I better get to work on the gifts I need to make & finish up a few more cards!

    I really like that Christmas tree out of buttons - so cute!

  3. 38 days and I'm away from home for nearly two weeks of 'em... No snow here thankfully.

    Get a timer or remote for your camera - then you can take selfies, with your glasses on ;)

  4. What a cute gypsy! I think TSO was about the same age when she dressed up as a gypsy for the school Halloween party. I'll see if I can find the photo! She was about the same age when she was frightened of Santa coming down the chimney in her room too.

  5. i can relate to the santa thing! my middle one used to get freaked out on Christmas eve. He didn't like the idea of santa coming into the house when he was asleep! x


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