Sunday, November 24, 2013

"HOME Work"---Getting Ready for the Big Day!

Thanksgiving is nearly upon us. We have not seen our turkeys in over a month. I'm sure they also sensed the approach of their worst nightmare!

Friday was a very productive day. I got all of the pre-holiday tasks completed.
 I actually enjoyed the ironing. Don't get me wrong, I don't plan to take it up on a regular basis.
 My ironing board is one of those little pull downs in the laundry room.
 There's not much room. I can only do half of the tablecloth at a time. Basically, I iron up one side and then down the other. I think I got an ironing injury---my wrist hurts.
Next up was disassembling the Waterford chandelier. I don't allow anyone else to handle this. I'll be telling the sentimental story behind it next weekend for Storytelling Sunday. Look closely, you can see how cloudy the crystal is with dust. I only do this once a year. It's a big job.
First off, I start with a sink full of really hot, sudsy water. I put all of the pieces in for a good soak.
Everything gets rinsed thoroughly. The pieces are laid on a towel to dry. I'm careful not to get fingerprints on them---it's easy to do. There is a right and wrong way to put the prisms on. One side is flat.
When the cleaning is finished, it's so totally worth it. My chandelier is all clean and shiny! However, there is a mystery here. Years ago, I noticed that one of the prisms was missing. Since I'm the only one to handle it, I have never known what happened to it. I have never broken a piece (knock on wood). Perhaps, someone needed a prism for their chandelier. I hate to think that any of my friends would "lift" one. I can't even see a single one getting broken without others also being damaged. I really only have two explanations: 1. One of the prism was missing from the very beginning and I just don't remember---or, 2. When we moved, I inadvertently threw one out. Perhaps it got lost in the wrappings and I just didn't notice at the time. This is probably the most likely explanation. Luckily, there are so many prisms, that you cannot tell that one is missing. 

We are really looking forward to having the family together for Thanksgiving (although we're going to miss Greg). But just so we don't forget what else is right around the corner, Mindy reminded me.
She put her tree up on Friday night. Wait, that's not quite how it happened. Butch took her tree down to her condo (she has no room to store it, so we have to keep it here). He set it up and put the lights on. All she had to do was decorate it.

Lest you think it's too early for the tree, Christmas is just 4 weeks away!! I can't say I'm looking forward to my decorating---it's such a big job. But I am looking forward to the cookie baking and gift wrapping, Christmas movies and music. And don't forget the Christmas china, parties, teas and good food! 

Let the festivities begin! What are you doing for Thanksgiving?


  1. What a difference a bath in sudsy water makes, the chandelier is sparkling!!! Catching up with you today. I am in awe that you decorate so seriously, I am just not that organised. I do like the table favours though. Thankful for you, is so nice.

  2. What a beautiful chandelier! We've got our groceries purchased for Thanksgiving - it will be pretty low key with just us & my parents. I've never decorated for Christmas before Thanksgiving evening, but since it's so late this year I think I'm going to get a few boxes down from the attic today & do a little bit here & there each day this week. We'll put the finishing touches on while we're home avoiding all shopping & crowds on Friday!

  3. We have four chandelier and I have been looking at them every day for the past couple of weeks saying I need to get them cleaned for Christmas. We do it your way and you now have me resolved to get this job done for the holidays

  4. it looks beautiful, I admire your organisation!

  5. The chandelier looks stunning......though I think maybe I'm happy I don't have one to clean!!

  6. I watched Mrs Miracle yesterday - my first Christmas movie this year. I love the Debbie Macomber books and the film is based on one. She also wrote the Cedar Cove stories that have been made into a series for TV but we haven't had it over here yet.

  7. Amazing the difference that bath makes to the crystals. We're putting our decorations up this weekend as it is the first in Advent. Not doing much for Thanksgiving - although we'll be thankful this weekend as Princess will be down.

    Oh, and I love the Debbie Macomber books that Ladkyis mentions too :)


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