Monday, April 22, 2013

Rhodes, Greece

I didn't think I was going to take this tour today due to my worn out knees. But I just couldn't miss the cooking demonstration.

It started out another beautiful day. I certainly have enjoyed my morning Earl Grey Tea in these:
 The waves on the cup resemble the sea---blue and green.
In places on our tour, the sea was green at the shore, turquoise a little further out and then bright blue----perfect stripes---but we were on the bus, so I couldn't get a good shot. Just another reason we prefer private tours---you can stop whenever you want.
Part of the wall in the "old town" of Rhodes. It was surrounded by 3 moats---none of which held water because they were all above sea level. I thought a moat by definition contained water. Just goes to show you learn something new every day!
 We didn't get to go in this old church, but you could tell how old it is.
The statue, up close, has all of its features worn off.

After the tour of the town, we had a little free time to do a little shopping.

I couldn't pass up this cute little bowl. It's about 5" in diameter and are hand made here. There were so many to choose from and so many colorful designs. This one was actually 11.6 Euros---I only had 10 Euros and some---what I think were really small change coins. I asked the lady if she would take that or some American dollars too. She took what I had. Butch had gone off with the rest of the money. Since we'll be in Turkey tomorrow, this was our last chance to use the Euros.

Our next stop was the Greek cooking demonstration. It was very interesting. Probably the thing I'm going to try is roasting eggplants whole on the BBQ grill until they are black. The skin peels off easily. Then you can mash it and do whatever you want with it. On second thought, I don't think I would really know what to do with it. I only have one eggplant recipe that I ever make and it's a Cajun one from Bruce and Karolyn with shrimp and crab meat.
 Karolyn has been on a quest for sea glass since we've been on this trip. She really scored today.
I couldn't think about dealing with the sand in my walking shoes. Luckily for me, she and Bruce found so much that they are going to share. What a couple of friends!!! They really found some awesome pieces.

If you don't know what sea glass is---it's basically broken glass that has been in the ocean for years, softening all the sharp edges. Finally, it washes up on the shore. If you are lucky, you might even find pieces dating back to pirate days. I'm no expert and neither or they, so we don't know if they found anything a 100 years old or more.

This afternoon is our "sole rejuvenation" treatment. 50 minutes of someone rubbing your feet is pretty much heaven---especially after all the miles we've walked this week!

Tomorrow we start in Turkey. I've decided to take the day off from the tours. My plan now is to do my own thing in town. I also was lucky enough to get on the galley tour here on the ship. I was wait-listed, but got home tonight from dinner to find the formal invitation. I'm so excited!!!



  1. looks like a fantastic trip!

  2. Oh Barbara, I've just caught up with the last few days of your cruise & it sounds wonderful. Your photos are fantastic and I'm so impressed with you keeping up with them everyday (sorry to hear about the lost ones, but lucky your friends has them!). Hope your knees are feeling better so you don't miss out on anything!

  3. It looks like another great stop for you. I just love that little dish, it's the colour of the sea, I would have chosen it too. Glad your knee is ok.

  4. You are having such a great time and it's very dedicated of you to keep posting and filling us in - though it feels more like travelling with you! Your little blue piece is lovely ...


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