Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Kotor, Montenegro

Montenegro stands for Black Mountain.

The day started out a little crazy. The day before, the captain came on and said that our arrival in to Montenegro was not to be missed, but the bad news was that it would be 6:30-6:45 a.m. That was okay with us as our excursion was to be at 8:30. We planned to order room service---all was good. Buuuttttt, Bruce called us at about 11 p.m. to say there was a time change and we needed to set our clock back an hour. That meant we were really getting up at 5:30 a.m. That's okay, we were just glad we didn't miss it.

I asked Butch if he set the alarm. He said it was unnecessary since we always wake up. I've always said, I'm an early bird and usually wake up on my own. But if I have a specific time I need to be up, I have to set an alarm, or else I can't sleep well. I didn't this night either. By the time I did wake up, the clock said 6:15. Since it was actually 7:15 I jumped up and started freaking out. I opened the curtains to see a beautifully lit up city. I thought, "great, I didn't miss it all." Finally, Butch rolled out of bed, looked at the clock and said he had already set the clock back, so it really was 6:15.

We watched the shore for a few minutes, then turned on the tv. It was then we found out that the time to turn back the clocks would be TONIGHT! Soooo----follow me here---it was actually 5:30 a.m!! We were up now, so that gave me a chance to get my blog updated. This internet is incredibly slow and uploading pictures is even slower.

Here we go:
 I've never had room service overlooking the gorgeous sea. What a nice view---inside and out.
Do you see a problem here? The one with the 3 holes is actually the pepper. That single hole is the salt. And, it doesn't work all that well. We started pulling the stopper out of the bottom to get some salt. It's the same all over the ship. Just a bit of a nuisance.

Just like the captain said, at 6:30, we saw this:
 These are tiny little islands. I guess they are privately owned. This one almost looks like a farm.
Both of the islands were near each other. We couldn't really see the house on this one.
 Here is the town as we arrive. There's not much space before the mountains start. I'm amazed that someone decided to settle here to begin with.
Our view from our balcony at the dock. It is certainly a very pretty place. On the right, you an see the wall that surrounds the old city.
Here's a close-up of that walled city.
Butch has found 2 caches---this one here in Montenegro.
This one is in Croatia. He's hoping to find one in each country. So far, so good.

It's actually 7:30 a.m. Wednesday as I write this. We're in Corfu, Greece today. We haven't even docked yet and Butch is rushing me to get ready. Sheesh.

PS Watched a Broadway review last night. A little cheesy, but the music was great!!


  1. gorgeous! I think the building on the second island is a church. OH and salt cellars over here have only one hole in the top while pepper has several - that's the way we do things... strange eh?

  2. At this moment maybe I should own up that for years I thought Montenegro was in South America..something about the name just conjured up a whole different picture in my head. It looks gorgeous!

  3. What a lovely set of pictures. More learning for me then, Montenegro: its meaning and it's location! I'm smiling at the salt 'n pepper observation!

  4. I found that some problem with salt and pepper often in Europe! I learned to test, test, and test everytime as a mistake was terrible! Breakfast looks yum :)

  5. Dontcha wish you could take that view home? Gorgeous!


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