Friday, April 12, 2013

A Couple of Last Minute Things...

before I head out-of-town.

First off, I've been asked to post a picture of the watch bracelet:
I bought this at a barn sale. I paid $65.00 for it, but you could easily make it---especially if you have some old, non-working (or working would be okay too) watches. I haven't even tested this to see if any of the watches actually work. I have no idea how much old watches cost at the antique stores. You could make the whole thing out of watch faces. This one has two little filigree rectangles with a rhinestone in the center on each end. You can't tell from this picture, but the ball on the end has rhinestones all over it. The clasp is a hook that hooks in to whichever of the links you want. It's just a bit of vintage fun.

You know how earlier in the week I said I would not get my scrapbook room back in order before the trip? Well, I did! I have a shoebox with a bunch of little odds and ends embellishments that need sorting, but other than that, it's in pretty good shape. Still not quite photo worthy---as I have about 100 layouts that need to be put in albums. Once I get that done, I'll share pictures of my room.

After bridge today, I went by Stein Mart to buy a suitcase. When I got to the check-out, I did what I ALWAYS do since I got my iPhone. I pull out my phone and ask---"are there any coupons online that I need to get?" The cashier grabs my phone AND STARTS GOING TO THE WEBSITE. Then, she couldn't get it, so she ASKED SIRI TO FIND IT! Do you see the problem with this? A STRANGER completely GERMED UP my phone. I was silently freaking out!! She couldn't get the coupons, but when I told her that I was a preferred customer, so that I would get credit for the purchase, she put in my information. Then she said, "Oh, you are a "preferred elite" customer. You automatically get to use the coupons without having to show them. Soooo, I got an additional 25% off of this:
 Total after the 25% off---$50.25.  Not bad for a suitcase that will only last two years anyway. I don't care what type you buy or how much you pay, the airport tears it up.
The brand is "Guess." I didn't even know they made suitcases. Besides the suitcase, I picked up a few other things that I'll share later.

After checking out, I went straight to my car and got out my hand sanitizer to clean my phone. Then it occurred to me that maybe I shouldn't use that. Instead of the hand sanitizer, I ended up using my eyeglass cleaner. It smelled like it had alcohol in it, so that should do the trick.

Now, I can be a bit of a germaphobe. I try not to be so over the top about it, but this unknown person that has been handling dirty money all day, touched my phone and breathed her germs all over it. That's why I travel with baggies---to put over the remote controls in hotels---and I would NEVER walk barefoot on the carpet. I really hate it that I have to take my shoes off at the airport. They used to have those little booties---I loved those. I definitely have my quirks. I can't help it. Don't get me started on public rest rooms.

As I pack, I'll share my new purchases. I went shopping yesterday because I needed some make-up and bras. Do you know how much bras cost these days? Holy smokes! Makes me think I should just go "floppy."


  1. Thank you so much Barbara, your watch bracelet is absolutely beautiful, I love it! It is so unusual and 'right up my street' Floppy! go ahead girl!

  2. I'm so glad you shared that watch bracelet - I have some old watches and I might just keep them around & try my hand at making something similar!

    Congrats on getting the craft room back in order!

    I'm laughing thinking about your reaction to the saleslady taking your phone!!

  3. I love that watch bracelet!!! I use Siri for just about everything. I don't dial numbers, text, search the internet or anything these days without getting siri to do it for me :-) I love Siri! You should try asking her silly questions after a drink or two with a few friends. It can get hilarious!!! We asked her things such as "what is the meaning of life", "what drink she liked", and other crazy things.


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