Thursday, April 18, 2013

Corfu, Greece

This is where the whole time change thing came in to play. We were on time with no problem.
The view from our balcony at the port. Peaceful. We started our tour to a monastery. It was about a half hour drive.
The views were just gorgeous everywhere we went.

One of our stops was at a place where we were treated to a snack of local foods. Notice the orange stuff  at the bottom. Those are GIGANTIC pork and beans. Have you ever seen anything so big? The brown is a meatball---to show a comparison. All in all, it was pretty tasty. I'd already eaten a couple when I remembered to take a photo. A few things weren't so great---like whatever was wrapped in that grape leaf. After the light meal, they provided some local entertainment. There were native dancers (I think you can call local Greeks, natives) in native dress. I doubt they really dress like that---or dance like that for that matter. It's all for the tourists. I know it's their livelihood, so I'm happy to contribute. Still, it was cheesy. 
Greece is definitely a country of contrasts. My thought about the beauty of Greece is this: it is broadly beautiful, but the irony of it is that up close it's pretty unattractive. Case in point: if I were participating in the "Look Up; Look Down" challenge, this is what I saw when I looked up (and out). When I looked down, I saw this:
This was on the grounds of that magnificent monastery. I just hope that this busted up chair just blew here.  There were stray dogs and cats ALL over. They all looked mangy---though well fed. It sort of smelled like animal "doo doo." It really reminded me a lot of Mexico. But honestly, when you look out--- it is stunningly beautiful.

Karolyn and I went for tea and then on to massages this afternoon. They had teatime trivia. One of the questions was an anagram about the prime minister of England. I got it pretty quick---since I'm smitten with Britain!! Margaret Thatcher---but then Karolyn had me second-guesing myself. Finally I convinced myself that she was "just" the head of Canada. Butch set me straight. In fact, she was buried today. May she rest in peace.

We had a most fabulous Italian dinner tonight. There are 5 restaurants on board. We've gone to a different place each night. It's now 9:45 p.m. and I'm ready to get back to my book. It's soooooo good---The Sunshine When She's Gone. It's about relationships.  A young couple have a 6 month old. The wife has been whining about how tired she is, so the husband just ups and hops a plane with the baby to Barbados. So far, very entertaining. He's just returned home---I can't wait to see how he explains his disappearance.

Until stop Zakynthos, Greece.

PS I'm still completely lost on this small ship. I always manage to go the wrong way. Butch keeps trying to explain to me which is the front and the back. I just need right or left from our cabin. I'm an idiot!!

PSS Connie, I've had several BBC's on you behalf! They are just as delicious as you remember. For those of you that don't know what that is---it's a frozen drink---Bailey's, Banana and Colada. Connie is a complete teetotaler---but when we took our first cruise together, she had two a day!!! They are that good. Okay girls, I promise to make them for this year's pool drinks!!



  1. Lovely 'tales from your trip' I did laugh at the plate of food and your thoughts about it.

  2. Sounds like you are having a GREAT time!

  3. Corfu was one of our favourite stops on a Med cruise..I'd love to go back and spend a lot longer photographing all the wonderful buildings with the peeling paint

  4. Looks like beautiful countryside - yep the details can be a bit much tho'.


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