Wednesday, June 9, 2021

What I Buy Wednesday

I don't buy much when I travel---well, because we're traveling a lot and I don't need anything. But I do love my Starbucks mug collection, so I am always on the lookout to add to it. I'm trying to collect one from every state I visit. Last week, I got South Dakota:
Butch thought I'd be disappointed because I recently added New Mexico and Arizona to my collection. They were both orange too. That doesn't bother me. When you put them all together, they make for a nice colorful display.
This is the style when I first started collecting--about 10 years ago. I have dozens now. 
It doesn't really bother me that the style has changed. What I love about them is the size. My tea maker makes exactly two mugs worth. I've taken several to the beach, but they are even a different style than these. I like a big mug. There are about 6 more in the cabinet I use for everyday. Periodically, I rotate them. Every time I pick one up, it reminds me of something from that trip. 

These Starbucks mugs are the perfect souvenir for me!

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