Monday, June 7, 2021

Monday Mystery

Well, strange things continue to happen around here. Even though we were never able to solve the mystery of our critter visitor by the garage---what it is and why it goes to that particular spot--we thought we had deterred it/them. I guess they got used to the motion light, because they are back (you have to expand the picture to see up close).
I guess we need to set up a camera if we hope to solve it.

But now, another mystery has been added. When we returned from South Dakota, Butch was checking on all of our flowers on the patio. That's when he noticed this:
The plants are completely gone!! Not just dug out---but gone! We think of the chipmunks right away, but the plants would have been too large for them to carry off. I'm starting to wonder if we have an entire army of them or something. What else could it be? And to add further to the mystery, here's the planter on the other side of these steps---totally unharmed!
I just don't get it. But I do have a thought. I use Osmocote--a time release fertilizer---that I love. I suppose if those critters are after that, then they could be huge. Stands to reason if it makes plants grow big, it could make critters grow big! Seriously, if it is chipmunks, then the plants are as big as they are. And why did they just destroy the one planter when another was right there? 

All this wondering is going to drive me crazy!! Maybe we need cameras all over our house!

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  1. I think you and Butch are going to have to take it in turns to have a stake out one night!


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