Monday, April 10, 2017

Monday, Mail and Me

Well, quite a few things arrived this week, but since I was in New York, I haven't even opened the boxes yet. I had planned to blog from NYC, but just never had the time. We were on the go constantly. I'll post some pictures later.

In the mean time, this arrived in the mail earlier, but I didn't want to share it until it was up!
 My chandelier! I love it even if I couldn't have it exactly the way I wanted it. I wanted it to be framed in the window. That made it too low and Butch would bump his head when using the tub.
Then I had the thought---"why in the world did I splurge on this for the bathroom? So, I've decided to enjoy it for a couple of years here and then move it in to the dining room. It too beautiful not to be seen!

The bathroom is really coming together now as we enter week 16. We still need carpet in the closets, the shower door, mirrors and bath accessories installed. Plus, we're still waiting not the powder room counter and sink. Soon I hope! Steph moves at the end of the week, and we've promised to devote most of our time to her! We have our work cut out for us!

Thanks to Sian for starting this meme!


  1. It's stunning! You've made me want to go and get a duster for ours here. I need some of that sparkle :)

  2. What a beautiful light! Enjoy the sumptuousness of it in your bathroom for a while but it really is too lovely not to show off to everyone.


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