Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Off to the Big Apple!

I thought I'd start off by going in to why NYC was called "the Big Apple." But, when I looked it up, the story was boring and had nothing to do with apples.

Anyway, we're heading out for Eads Girls Spring Break 2017. The last time we were in New York it was 2014.

We're really excited about this trip. We're doing so many new things. At the top of my list is The Tenement Museum. I'm excited to learn how the immigrants lived. A couple of the girls---not so much! 

We're seeing 4 plays---the main reason for going: On Your Feet (Gloria Estefan story), Hamilton (thanks to Paige for getting us these tickets), School of Rock (Andrew Lloyd Weber), and Alladin (well, because it's Disney!). 

We're trying new restaurants: Alice's Teacup for high tea, Sarabeth's for brunch, John's of Times Square for pizza, Rue la Rue Cafe---Golden Girls memorabilia, and Starlight Diner for the singing waiters and waitresses. Of course we'll go to Shake Shack---one of our regular stops. Carmines is our favorite Italian, but I couldn't get reservations, so we'll just have to go and take our chances.

There will be shopping too. For me, I prefer the iconic Macy's in Herald Square.

The "little girls" in the family---although they aren't so little anymore---wonder why they are not included on this girls trip. As Elizabeth once said, "Grammy, we're girls too!" Yes, and I'd love to take them all. But, ahem, they have S*C*H*O*O*L! Someday...

Be sure to tune in tomorrow---9 Central---to Live with Kelly. We'll be there. Mindy might even be dancing! At least we're hoping!

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