Monday, April 10, 2017

Eads Girls Spring Break 2017 in New York

The last time we were in New York, was 2014.

We had a great time in NYC. Here's a quick run-down.

Wednesday we went to Alice's Teacup for high tea. The food was really good. Then we went to the first of the 4 plays we were seeing.
It was incredible! Our seats were on the second row. Maybe a little too close, but the girls said better closer than too far back!

Thursday was an early day. We had tickets for Live with Kelly. It was cold and rainy. We stood outside for about an hour. They gave us a hot drink and breakfast pastry. They finally let us in, only to wait another 45 minutes. We only had about 10 people in front of us, so we thought we'd get really great seats. When we went in, there were already a bunch of people there. We think they were family and friends of the crew. Anyway, the studio is really small so we had good seats anyway.

Just my luck--this was my view:
I got to see Kelly's arm!!! On commercials, she stepped away from the desk so I got a good view. She is so sweet and funny!
Mindy took these pictures. I didn't know the co-host---Scott Wolf. Piers Brosnan and Mandy Patikin were the guests.
We were right in front of the lady that won the trivia contest. Here's the sad part:
I was 18, Steph was 19. Then, the girl handed #20 to the person behind us, then handed Sandy #21. Wouldn't you know---#20 was the winner! We were all bummed!
 You can barely see me here---behind the guy on the left with the blue shirt.

After the show, we "Lyfted" to Washington Heights to the Rue La Rue Cafe. It was very small, but filled with "Golden Girl" memorabilia. They had episodes of the show playing in the background. A local recommended the tomato soup and grilled cheese in a bread bowl. OMGosh! It was so delicious. They took the top of the bread bowl and made the grilled cheese sandwich with it. We all enjoyed it and shared a piece of coconut cake for dessert.

The girls decided to do a little shopping. They wound up at Macy's. Butch and I had surprised them with a little spending money.
 They bought these fun bags--pizza with a statue of liberty attached. The inside are the Macy's stars. Sandy sent this picture to Victoria. She noticed that the girls have identical FitBits!
 They also got these little Macy's bag ornaments. The bought one for me too.
They surprised me with this Starbucks mug for my collection.

That evening, we went to:
This was another great show. The costumes were fabulous. It was so colorful. You can't go wrong with Disney!

Friday started with Mindy and Stephanie going to Barry's Boot Camp:
 UES stands for the Upper East Side.

The plan was to go to Ellen's Stardust Diner for breakfast. They have singing waiters and waitresses. The line was around the block. We didn't want to waste an hour standing in line. Instead, we headed to Macy's (the girls said I needed to go since they were having their annual flower show. We ended up having Starbucks and sharing some breakfast sandwiches.

 I have no idea what this flower is, but I loved it---bright red stems with the purple flowers.

I'll continue this post tomorrow. It's already too long!

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