Sunday, April 23, 2017

A Few Things

I always wind up with a bunch of random pictures. Here goes:
So, I pulled out the dice to take to the beach. I'm not surprised to find this. With Jordan, you never know when you'll find a little note or artwork somewhere. Oftentimes, it might be buried in a notepad and you just happen upon it. These little bits of her always make me smile!
 If this isn't a sign of the times----times no longer relevant! The intercom system was already old and out-dated when we moved in to this house 22 years ago. Then there's the phone jack. There has never been a phone hooked up here since we've lived here. Both of these will go when we re-do the garage next year. It's time!
 I'm happy that so many of our fish---I think all of them---have survived the winter. We buy just regular little goldfish. Hopefully this doesn't happen again!
 Butch made this dessert up. He has made it for us several times now. He's starting to take an interest in cooking. Thanks to Hello Fresh, it's fun having him cook with me!
 I would have to say that this is my favorite comfort food. Cream of Wheat. I have it for dinner every time Butch is out-of-town. It's not just for breakfast anymore! Grilled cheese and tomato soup are my second favorite comfort foods.
 I picked up these a while ago. I'm all set for next Christmas!
 My friends and I went to The Marsh House a few weeks ago as part of our plant to try a new restaurant every month. This was the squid ink pasta---and it was delicious. I got it with scallops.
 Braised brussel sprouts are all the rage these days.
 We went to a new seafood restaurant called Fin and Pearl before the theater about a month ago. They slip the bill in to an old book. I thought that was such a fun idea.
 Then you are invited to sign your name anywhere in the book! I just like the idea of making use of old books destined for the trash!
The other day, as I was driving, I saw deer AND turkeys together. That's the first time I've seen that. I guess they like whatever seeds are there and the new grass.

That's about it for now.

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