Saturday, April 29, 2017

A Few Things

I really don't know where the time goes. I just seem to be busy all the time. I'm not really complaining as I'd say it's mostly fun.

 I just love these little boys. Travis got a new bike for his 5th birthday. It's hard to believe that he's starting kindergarten. His little brother, Nathan is not far behind!
 Another of my favorites---little Evie at the party.
 This cute little guy cracks me up. Sandy said Titan really enjoyed his vacay at the pet sitters while they were at the beach.
 Victoria and Elizabeth enjoying some fun drinks. They had great weather all week at the beach. Butch really enjoyed being wth all of them.
Okay, now lately, I've been pretty proud of myself about the fact that I'm getting my multiples problem under control. Recently, Publix had LeSeur peas on sale 10 for $10.00. That's a great price as they are usually about $1.59 each. Still, I controlled myself and only bought two. But when I saw these cute Easter tablecloths on sale for 70% off, I had to have 2! You might wonder why I'd buy two of the same tablecloth. Well, the truth of it is that I need two to cover my large dining room table. These were a real steal for $3.00 each!
Ugh! back to the freezer again. You can see my attempt with the baking soda on cookie sheets and the dryer sheets. That wasn't working. When I got home from stitching on Tuesday, I saw the freezer door sitting on saw horses on the driveway.
 Butch told me that he took it off in order to remove the gasket and clean it out. He used a toothbrush and bleach.
I helped him put it back on. I asked him how he knew how to take the door off and the gasket. He said, "Barb, sometimes you just have to figure it out." The guy can do anything. I'm always so impressed (remember the recent cat door). Anyway, I'm not saying I couldn't figure it out, but I could not physically take that heavy door off. We've had the door closed since he left for Chicago on Wednesday. I'm almost afraid to open it to check the smell. Let's put it this way. If we get rid of the freezer, I think that would naturally solve my multiples problem. I think it would definitely curb my desire to buy more than one of anything that needs to be frozen!

The renovation was finally completed this week---well, except for one last thing. 18 weeks!
Since all of the pipes are exposed, I've paid for "pretty plumbing!" As you can see the top part is not so pretty. We'll be getting something else to cover or replace that. I expect it will take about 6 weeks as it seems everything takes that long. I don't know if I've already mentioned it here, but the sink ended up being so heavy, that a wooden frame had to be built to support it. That took about 6 weeks. When they got here to install it, the opening was too large---hence not enough support. The "guy" called his company and they were able to whip out a new frame in an hour!! It's so frustrating to have to wait so long for stuff. I say, quit taking orders until you are caught up and then start over. That way, people can get there stuff in a much more timely manner. I guarantee you that if it weren't for the fact that we were having out-of-towners today, there wouldn't have been any rush to complete my job!

Well those are my few things for today. As you read this, I'll be on my way to the beach with my sisters. The weather's not looking so great, but we'll have a great time for sure no matter what we do. I've decided to take the love seat for sleeping. I think I'm the shortest one of the bunch. Joyce has volunteered to climb up to the top bunk, but I'm not going to hold her to it unless I can't sleep on the love seat!

I'll be posting from the beach!

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