Sunday, April 2, 2017

Entering Week Fifteen of the Renovation!

I spent this past week at the beach with my cousins, Chrissy and Judy. That was a welcome break from the paint fumes and mess. We lucked out with the weather and had a beautiful week. There were quite a few people there for spring break, but not so many that it put a damper on what we wanted to do. There nothing that says Florida than...
...Palm trees! The pool right next to our condo was closed for a day, so we went to the big pool in the back. There weren't too many people there.
This pool is not heated, but a few kids did get in. If I'd have brought my float, I would have tried it, but I didn't think of it.

Anyway, we had a great time. This was the first time we had an extended length of time together. Often when I'm in St. Louis, it's just an hour here or there---usually with other family members. They are my mom's first cousins, so that makes them my first cousins once removed (yes, I looked it up again. It seems so easy to understand when you look it up, but then I forget it all right away). A first cousin once removed is the child of a first cousin and their relationship to the parents first cousins. Clear as mud!

So what makes them so special is that they are the last people I have to talk to about our ancestors. My siblings and I are the next generation, but we really don't know much. Aunt Marie would be my best source for information, but she says she doesn't remember much.

Moving on. When I got home, it didn't seem like much had happened in the bathroom. Finally, yesterday, the painter finished and cleaned up. I hadn't seen much since there was paper and drop cloths covering everything.

Would you be surprised to know that after looking at a huge stack of paint swatches, I picked out my exact bedroom color? That is not what I had planned. It looks a little different in the bathroom that is awash with natural light. I was hesitant to choose it as I was afraid it would be too much blue, but am very happy in the long run.
 I am a fanatic about white painted woodwork! I just love the fresh, clean crispness of it.

I really like the grey porcelain floor next to the marble tub. This is the same marble that's in the shower, yet looks completely different.

There's still so much to be done: shower door, plantation shutters, carpeting in the closets, countertops, faucets, window treatments, chandelier, mirrors, door knobs, final marble work, grouting and sealing. At least another 2-3 weeks in my opinion! If they would get the carpeting in, we could start moving stuff back in to the closets. In the meantime, it still looks like this in the bedroom:
 We'll be definitely getting the carpet cleaned after all of this.
Clothes are piled high on the bed under that tarp. There are more clothes in the sunroom along with everything that was in the linen closet and our vanities.
The dust is an inch thick!! Luckily, the dirtiest part of the job is over. But where to begin with the cleaning? Even the walls have to be vacuumed! I'm tired thinking about it. Especially since we're in the middle of Steph's move. I will say, she has the whole thing very organized. We haven't had to do much. I worked in her scrapbook room--packing--yesterday and hope to finish that today. Then we're going furniture shopping. Butch is helping with the hauling.

Basically, nothing but work around here. Luckily the girls and I leave for New York on Wednesday. We are going to have a ball. I'll report on that later. But be sure to tune in to "Live with Kelly" on Thursday when we'll be in the audience. Mindy is hoping to be the dancer!


  1. If there is anything nicer than a break in the sunshine, it has to be a break while work is being done. The perfect combination! I love that blue.

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