Thursday, March 9, 2017


Thinking: About how much work Stephanie and Nicky's move is going to be. Yes, I know it's on them, but Butch and I are the type to pitch in and help. We cannot rest when there's work to be done. It's exciting and overwhelming at the same time. They sold their house in ONE day for the full asking price. The housing market in Nashville is still HOT! 

Thankful for: OnStar! The "kids"---although they are adults, they will always be the "kids" to me---had a car problem on their way home from a music festival in FL---in my car! OnStar rescued them, but they lost a day while they waited for the water pump to be replaced. Now maybe Morgan and Jordan will re-think driving 12 hours to music festivals. Seems like flying would be cheaper.

Cooking: Beans and dumplings. I hadn't made it in at least a year. It's one of Butch's childhood favorite meals. Considering I did not grow up eating beans---I had never heard of a pinto bean in my life---I really like it. Since Butch was out-of-town this weekend, I decided to surprise him. 

Wearing: The weather has been so nice that it's about time to pull out the spring clothing. Even as I type that, I don't know what that means. When I was little, growing up in St. Louis, we had 4 distinct seasons. We had spring coats that were lighter weight. I don't know if you can even find spring coats anymore. Around here, you just move to lightweight jackets and sweaters. Actually, that's pretty much what we wear all winter!

Hoping: The repair of Mitchell's car goes smoothly. On the way home from the same music festival, he was hit from the rear and sandwiched between two cars. Luckily, the traffic was moving so slowly that no one was hurt. As Morgan and Jordan were on the side of the road with their problems, they said that they saw that there was an accident, but didn't realize it was their cousin! That held up the traffic for another couple of hours! 

Taking: My needlepoint rug in for cleaning. It's been at the front door for 20 years now and has never been cleaned. Surprisingly, it doesn't even look dirty---and lots of people have walked on it in all kinds of weather. It's a small rug---4x6 and will only cost $65.00 for the cleaning. I think I can afford that once every twenty years!

Planning: On trying to get something accomplished towards cleaning out closets. I can't seem to move from the planning stage to the actual "doing" stage. 

Working: On the AYM kits---until I was interrupted with those car problems! I spent the rest of the day stressed about the "kids!" 

Reading: Ordinary Grace. It's pretty good, but I must say, what I'm most loving is getting my electronic books from the library for FREE! You have to be willing to wait. I'm #500 of 39 copies for Hillbilly Elegy. There are plenty of books available right away.

Loving: Saving money on books! I've already saved $45.00 this year by using the library.

Needing: More clothes! Most of my clothes are buried under tarps waiting for the master bath renovations to be completed. At the beginning of all this, I pretended I was going on a long trip and "packed" accordingly. I'm so sick of everything I kept out for myself. 

Watching: Bates Motel. It's sooo good and creepy. I can't watch it if Butch is out-of-town. The "kid" who plays the teenaged Norman Bates is incredible. He's British, well educated and can speak several languages. This is the last year, so I can't imagine what will happen to wrap it up.

Creating: I'm about half way through with my round robin page. Again, interrupted by the "kids."

Bumming: That it's going to be another month on the reno. I'm telling myself two months so that I don't stress out about it. There is still so much to do.

Hearing: GMA on the tv---about, you guessed it---President Trump. I'm so sick of all of it! 

Appreciating: Butch. I guess that's because I hadn't seen him in 12 days. We were two ships passing in the night with different travel schedules. I really missed the guy---and his 6 words a day!

Dreading: Steph's move! But looking forward to the decorating.

Regretting: I might be regretting the decision to stay here. The new homeowners behind us have cleared out the woods. It feels like they are right on top of us. After 22 years of having complete privacy, it's hard to lose it. I'm most distressed about the disturbance of the cool wildlife we've had in our backyard.

Weekending: It's going to be a busy one. We have poker Friday night. Stephanie, Mindy and I are going to St. Cecilia's Rose Gala honoring Mrs. Stamps. She is head of the drama department. We were all involved. Then on Sunday, we're touring the set of Nashville. The storyline of the show this year is pretty lame and with the death of Rayna, I think it's on it's last leg. Still, it was so much fun to have a show filmed right here! But what I'm most looking forward to is hearing about the girls trip to Antigua. 

That's about it from around here.

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